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Himars at the border with Kaliningrad this year. The Russian media resemble a script


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Łukasiewicz: Russians can exhaust their initiative

On Friday, the Minister of National Defense received a military oath in Olsztyn from over 500 soldiers of voluntary basic military service and territorial defense forces.
As he emphasized, new soldiers will become part of a modern and constantly expanded army, whose task is to scare away the aggressor.


– We equip the Polish Army with modern equipment.
Here in Olsztyn we can see and touch him.
It is modern equipment, which is already equipped with the 16th Mechanized Division, very important for

Mother tells the story of a shot son.
“Sasha seemed to feel what awaits him”

Poland’s security, because it is stationed in the Warmian -Masurian Voivodeship bordering Russia – said Mariusz Błaszczak.
– Later this year, the Himars rocket launchers will hit the 16th Mechanized Division – added the head of the mon.

– Since Putin decided to rebuild the Empire of Evil, he attacks his neighbors.
Our task, the task of the Polish authorities is to strengthen the Polish armed forces so that Putin does not dare to attack Poland – he noted how “DGP”, Mariusz Błaszczak quotes.
– That is why our task is to build such a force of the Polish Army that those who rebuild the Empire of evil today do not dare to attack our homeland – he added.

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kidnapping of a 9-year-old in Szczecin.
The detainee heard the allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations.

Russia resembles a scrub not

The words of the head of the Polish Ministry of National Defense were recorded by the Kremlin press agency Ria Novosti and reminded the note that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia sent to NATO in the countries of last year.
Sergei Ławrow emphasized that any load with military equipment for Ukraine would become a legitimate target for the Russian army.

According to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance are directly involved in the conflict not only through arms transfers, but also through the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Great Britain, Germany, Italy and other countries.

CBA publishes the recording.
Is to be proof of the corruption of President Ostrowiec

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