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Impressive action of Ukrainians. “White Wolves” destroyed 10 Russian tanks [video]

Mar 18, 2023 , ,

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Ukrainian soldiers undergo Leopard 2 training in Poland in Poland.

“nine or ten? Ten. So many Russian tanks destroyed the special forces of SBU ‘White Wolves’ only one night” – wrote the Security Service of Ukraine on Twitter.
In addition, the enemy armored personnel carrier was also destroyed.
In total, so that one night the Russians lost eleven units.


As Kieyv Independent informs, the attacks were carried out in Donetsk.
SBU also attached the recording to the event.

Russia has already lost over a thousand tanks

Russia lost at least half of the fleet of 3,000.
Tanks she sent to Ukraine – CNN informed at the beginning of February, citing a group dealing with white intelligence.
At that time, 1,000 were identified.
damaged tanks.
Another 544 were taken over by Ukrainians.

More information from the country on the main page of news.infinitum.Tech

One of the Analysts Oryx points out, however, that although the group managed to confirm a thousand damaged tanks, in fact their number could already reach up to 2,000.

Polish volunteers wounded during fire in Ukraine.
New information

Fighting in the Donetsk region is underway

in a region where “white wolves” destroyed tanks, fights are ongoing.
On Saturday, Russian troops fired at Kramators in the Donetsk region.
At least two people were killed and eight were injured, of which three are hard.

According to the head of the Military Administration Paweł Kyryłenka, the Russians used cassette ammunition banned by international law.
A dozen or so residential buildings were damaged.
The head of the peripheral military administration emphasized that the Russian army intentionally firing the city, wanting to cause as many victims as possible among civilians.

Julia survived a year and a half in Russian captivity.
“They beat everywhere”

In addition, during the last day Russian forces 21 times attacked Ukrainian positions in the region of Awdijiwka and Marjinki in the Donetsk region.
According to the Ukrainian side, the attacks did not bring successes to the attackers.
The Russians were to lose about 200 killed and wounded.
The attacks expired before sunset.
The sub-units of the 155 Maritime Brigade and the 98 of the Desant and Laying Brigade fought on the Russian side.
According to the Ukrainian army, these are the last Russian reserves capable of fighting on this section.
Russian forces also reduced their activity in the direction of Wuhledarski.

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