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Israel. Numerous protests against the reform of the judiciary. “The abyss is at your fingertips”

Mar 18, 2023 ,

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biden fell asleep or just looked down?
Awkward moment at a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel

At Disengoff Square in Tel Aviv, thousands of people with the flags of Israel and banners “Let’s save democracy!”
Demonstrators blocked streets in the city center.
According to the media, manifestations also continue in cities such as Jerusalem, Hajf and Beer Szewa.
This is reflected in the economy, which can be seen even in the falling value of Shakel.


Izrealists protest against the reform of the judiciary

Protests have been going on for 11 weeks.
Their participants are afraid that the reform, which the parliament is working on, will increase the power of politicians on the courts, which will threaten democracy.

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also accuse Netanyah’s Prime Minister that he wants to introduce a reform to prevent court proceedings against himself.
The head of government does not agree with the allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations and believes that the protests are to overthrow him after he started the sixth term in December.
There are three court cases against Netanyahu in cases of corruption.
However, Israel’s prime minister denies accusations – informs Reuters.

Israel announces support for Ukraine.
Is to come “soon”

The opposition presents alternatives and talks about the civil war

President of Israel Isaac Herzog presented a compromise act and appealed to postpone the reform of the judiciary in time.
His proposal, however, was rejected by Netanyahu

The last weeks are tearing us off.
Those who think that the civil war in which people will lose their lives are a border that we will not cross, know nothing.
The abyss is at your fingertips

– said the president of Israel.

The president of Israel warns against civil war: the abyss at your fingertips

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