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ISW: The founder of the Wagner Group Jewgieże Prigożyn fabricated the plot against himself


The founder of the Wagner Group, Jewgieże Prigożyn recently reported that he received a press question with a request for comment from the daily “Niezawisimaj Gazieta”, which revealed a conspiracy initiated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, Nikołaj Patruszew.
Politicians were to work to weaken and “neutralize” the Wagner Group.


journalists were to ask Prigożyna about the words of Patruszew, who was to tell Putin that in one and a half to two months from the Wagner group “nothing would be left”.
Patruszew was also to warn Putin that after defeats in Ukraine, Prigożyn would argue fighters and send to Russia to take power in regions bordering Ukraine.

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The prigożyna press office announced on Thursday that Patruszew ordered observation of fighters from the Wagner group, and Putin thanked him for it.
Prigożyn published an audio commentary on his telegram on his channel.
He stated that Russian services should neutralize all threats to Russia, regardless of the sources of these threats.
The reports were analyzed by ISW experts

isw: Jewgieże Prigożyn fabricated the alleged conspiracy

“ISW did not notice any information suggesting that such discussions took place, nor did it grasp any speculation about them in the Russian information space” – we read.
“Niezwisimaja Gazeta” did not publish a press comment on its website, and no recording of the text is visible anywhere else.
“Lack of external confirmations in this matter suggests that Prigożyn fabricated the alleged conspiracy” – added.

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In the assessment of prigożyn analysts, he recognizes Patruszew and the Russian Security Council as enemies.
He prepares the ground to blame Patruszew for the failures of the Wagner Group and the potential repression that can be applied to it.

“This effort seems to be another evolution of the Prigożyna campaign against the Russian military establishment,” experts pointed out.
At the same time, he wanted to emphasize how much influence he and his mercenaries have in Russia.

Wagner group.
The Kremlin has a problem with Prigożen

In February “The New York Times” reported that the Kremlin is starting to have a problem with Jewgienij Prigożyn and his media activity.
Proputin political analyst Sergei Markow told the newspaper that Moscow is afraid of the “unpredictable” head of the Wagner group.

said that the Kremlin forbade state television “to promote Prigożyna and the Wagner Group”.
However, Markow did not explain who exactly stood behind the magazine sent to the media.
It is known that it came from “leadership”.
– Apparently they do not want to introduce it to the political sphere, because it is so unpredictable.
They are a bit afraid of him – noted the analyst.

The head of the Wagner Group is also conflicted with the Russian Ministry of National Defense – he called the army commanders “clunks”, and his “soldiers” recorded a video in which they criticized Walerija Gierasimov, the head of the Russian general staff, for failure to be ammunition.
Prigożyn himself also said that “it is difficult to hear problems from the front when you sit in a warm office.”

Recent reports from the front talk about the big problems of the Wagner group in the Bachmut area.

Situation on the front

The Russians continue their attacks on Bachmut, Łyman, Awdijiwka, Marinka and Shakhtarsk in the Donetsk region – informs the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the morning report.
Last day, the aggressors carried out over 70 attacks on these Ukrainian cities.

Under the Russian fire is also Constantineów in the Donetsk region in Ukraine.
As a result of an attack on the city, 6 civilians were injured, over 20 houses damaged, school and other civil infrastructure facilities.

Cameras at Polish tracks is a mine of knowledge for Russia

in melitopol in the south-eastern part of Ukraine, the Russians forbade to make any payment transactions to citizens who do not have a Russian taxpayer’s number.
The number can only be obtained if you have a Russian passport.

The staff also announced that Ukrainian aviation has conducted 7 attacks on the places of concentration of Russian soldiers during the last day.
The units of the rocket and artillery troops fired at 5 Russian control points, 5 regions of the Okupant Military Personnel and Military Equipment, 2 radar stations, fuel warehouse and anti -aircraft rocket complex.

Belarus about the detention of Russian spies in Poland.
“He is only 18 years old”

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