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ISW: The head of the Wagnerców may suggest that the Russian offensive in Ukraine is close to the expiry


ISW in the latest report quotes one of the last statements of Jewgenija Prigożyna, who stated that the Ukrainian side is planning an offensive in five directions (from the Kharkiv region to Zaporoski).


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The head of the Wagner Group said that the Ukrainians would start the operation in mid -April and called on Russian forces to prepare by providing appropriate ammunition and equipment.

According to the analysts of the American Thin-Thank Prigożyn, presenting Ukraine as capable of conducting a massive counteroffensive, he probably wants to justify the fact that Wagner’s group failed to circle Bachmut, a city in the Donetsk region.
In addition, “chef Putin” may be concerned that weapons deficiencies limit the Russians’ abilities to offensive actions.

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Łukasiewicz: Russians can exhaust their initiative

Jewgieże Prigożyn also reported that the Ukrainian forces in Bachmut have at least 19 thousand.
people, which, according to ISW, was also to justify the lack of progress of the Wagner Group.

“At the same time, the head of the Wagnercs may suggest that the Russian offensive in Ukraine is close to expiry,” notes the American Think Tank in the study.

In the opinion of experts, the relationship between Prigożyn and the Russian regional authorities are becoming more and more tense.
As an example, experts indicate, among others
Refusal to provide cemeteries for hiding mercenaries in GoriaCzyj Key in the Krasnodar country.

Wagner group.
The Kremlin has a problem with Prigożen

In February “The New York Times” reported that the Kremlin is starting to have a problem with Jewgienij Prigożyn and his media activity.
Proputin political analyst Sergei Markow told the newspaper that Moscow is afraid of the “unpredictable” head of the Wagner group.

said that the Kremlin forbade state television “to promote Prigożyna and the Wagner Group”.
However, Markow did not explain who exactly stood behind the magazine sent to the media.
It is known that it came from “leadership”.
– Apparently they do not want to introduce it to the political sphere, because it is so unpredictable.
They are a bit afraid of him – noted the analyst.

The head of the Wagner Group is also conflicted with the Russian Ministry of National Defense – he called the army commanders “clunks”, and his “soldiers” recorded a video in which they criticized Walerija Gierasimov, the head of the Russian general staff, for failure to be ammunition.
Prigożyn himself also said that “it is difficult to hear problems from the front when you sit in a warm office.”

ISW: “Kucharz Putin” fabricated a plot against himself

W. Putin, wanted by arrest warrant, was to visit the occupied regions of Ukraine

Meanwhile, Władimir Putin, wanted by an international arrest warrant, appeared in the regions of Ukraine occupied by Russia.
According to the Kremlin services, the dictator was in the weekend in Crimea and Mariupol.
Russian Internet users wrote that the theses of detective stories are confirmed that “the criminal sooner or later appears at the crime scene.”

On Friday, the International Criminal Court in Hague ordered the arrest of Vladimir Putin, who suspects of committing a war crime, consisting in the deportation of Ukrainian children deep into Russia.

PiS wants to repeat history.
Even the password is the same

Russian independent media point out that there is no certainty that the dictator was indeed in Mariupol.
This is evidenced only by the staff published by pro -regional propaganda media.

Ukraine accuses Vladimir Putin of war crimes, including: initiating war, murder of civilians, destroying civil infrastructure, rape, torture, prison of Ukrainians and destroying Ukrainian children.

Rat plague in Wrocław.
There are three rodents for each inhabitant

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