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Jarosław Kaczyński about a storm around John Paul II: Powerful diffaming action


On Saturday in Wrocław the Forum of “Gazeta Polska” of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship is held in Wroclaw.
Among the guests of special meetings is the Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland Elżbieta Witek, as well as Janusz Cieszyński, Ryszard Czarnecki, Łukasz Kasztelowicz, Agnieszka Soin, Rafał Ślusarz, Jacek Świat, Bartłomiej Wiązowski and Anna Zalewska – reports the Portal Niepodna.pl


The head of Law and Justice could not appear on the spot, but sent from the letter to the participants.
“Later, Jarosław Kaczyński referred to the hunt on St. John Paul II, which was initiated by the material broadcast for this purpose several days ago” – we read on the website.

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We are standing near a powerful diffaming action, coordinated media campaign aimed at the role of the most outstanding Pole in our history, a priest who was in the fall of communism and for decades shaped Polish spiritual life – Saint.
John Paul II.
For years, we have witnessed various types of attacks on the church, but what we are dealing with now would be unthinkable some time ago.

– says Jarosław Kaczyński in the letter.
In his opinion, decisions are made to “such a large caliber accusations based on insinuations and not being counted with obvious facts – as demonstrated by numerous experts in the subject analyzing the slandering of Saint John Paul II materials – to fill the space of public debate.”

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Jarosław Kaczyński about the confusion around John Paul II: The attacks will get intensified

As he points out, “attacks on Pope-Polish, like the significant silence of some media regarding the murder of Franciszek Blachnicki by the communist special services, or court judgments hitting the freedom of religious worship, are a much greater fragment
the whole, which is the actions of the broadly understood liberal and landline camp in favor of forging a new man and a new society. “

“There is nothing to delude yourself: these types of attacks will get worse. So we must be prepared for them in every possible relative
Elections ” -Kaczyński writes.

Resolution on the defense of the good name of John Paul II

regarding the defense of “the good name of John Paul II and Poland” resolution – a majority of votes – voted by the Sejm.
The project was also supported by the Confederation and PSL.

The PiS project emphasizes that the Sejm “definitely condemns the media, shameful hunt, based largely on the materials of the Violence apparatus of the Polish People’s Republic, whose object is the great Pole – Saint John Paul II. Attempt to compromise John
Paul II with materials that even the communists did not dare to use, refers to the methods that they put authors outside the civilization circle, to which Poland belongs since 1989 “.

Volunteer car fire.
A wounded Pole in the hospital

“Franciszkańska 3”.
Karol Wojtyła knew about pedophilia in the church

Marcin Gutowski from TVN24 in a reported report from the series “Franciszkańska 3” presented evidence that indicates that in 1964-78 the Metropolitan of Kraków Cardinal Karol Wojtyła could cover the pedophilia of his subordinate priests.

Journalist “Black and Biały” came up with suspicions about Wojtyła in March 2021, when he received a recording from one of The Victims of Theodore McCarrick, a former cardinal.
This is the record of his conversation with then Rembert Weakland, who was then for 10 years, was the highest supervisor of the Benedictine Order.
– When I headed the order, I went to Poland.
I visited Cardinal Wojtyła there.
I remember that there was a matter of the archbishop who was a pedophile.
Wojtyła admitted that he knew about her – we hear on the recording.

Wojtyła was to tell Weakland about the experiences of the hierarch and about his own dilemmas related to this matter.
– he said he didn’t know what to do with it.
I saw him torn under this weight – recalls the 94 -year -old.

more on this subject we wrote in the text below:

“black and white”.
Wojtyła hid pedophile priests.
“He was torn”

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