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Judgment on the murder of Adamowicz. “It is difficult to close it, since the murderer’s reaction is seen”


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On Thursday, Stefan Wilmont was sentenced imprisonment/' target='_blank'>to imprisonment/' target='_blank'>life imprisonment for the murder of the President of Gdańsk.
The court decided that he was a leisure person.
The verdict is unlawful.
The killer of Paweł Adamowicz will be able to apply for early release after 40 years.


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The assassin of Adamowicz took the floor.
Earlier he laughed in the courtroom

Brother Adamowicz: It is difficult to close it, since the murderer’s reaction is seen, how pleases

After leaving the courtroom, Piotr Adamowicz, brother of the murdered President of Gdańsk, talked with journalists.
“Nobody will restore his brother’s life,” he said.
– It seems that time heals wounds.
This is such a colloquial saying and there is a lot of truth in it.
But please understand the family, which over four years ago, in January, experienced a great tragedy, trauma and with every hearing, investigation, even preparing for final speeches, those tragic images we witnessed – I was almost all the time at night at
ie [after Paweł Adamowicz was wounded – ed.] – they return, it is not easy – he emphasized.

– that’s why the first instance judgment ends a certain stage, but he absolutely does not close the case – Piotr Adamowicz pointed out, adding that the defense will probably apply for appeal and “the case will return in autumn”.
– So it is said that time heals wounds, but for people who have directly affected, this process takes a long time.
The question is whether it can end at all – he noted.

– It is difficult to close it, since you see the murderer’s reaction as you are happy that he is a professional killer.
Or these smiles today at the time of announcement of the justification of the judgment.
His [Stefan Wilmon – ed.] He really enjoys it, he collects clippings about himself, he asks to deliver clippings.
He also has a group of admirers, supporters – he said.
This is the most tragic, most drastic crime of murder in the history of our country.
As I understand, the court was guided by this, allowing the disclosure of the image and personal data – he added.

Magdalena Adamowicz also took the floor.
– I wanted to add one thing: what one of the participants of the conduct said a few days ago that the memory of Paweł Adamowicz will remain and I hope that the memory of the perpetrator would disappear as soon as possible – she noted, emphasizing that Stefan Wilmont is care of sensation.

is a judgment on the killer Paweł Adamowicz.
Stefan Wilmont sentenced imprisonment/' target='_blank'>to imprisonment/' target='_blank'>life imprisonment

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