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Julia spent 1.5 years in a Russian prison. “They put the face to the wall and started beating. They beat everywhere”


The Polish Press Agency talked to Julia, who, together with her husband and two children, lived in Toreza in the Donetsk region.
In 2014, the city was under the control of the self -proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, in 2016 the Russians renamed them to purezi.
Almost a year before the Russian invasion, in March 2021, Julia was detained by the so -called
Ministry of State Security (MGB).
She spent almost a year and a half in captivity.
She is still looking for a detained husband with her.


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Col. Łukasiewicz: For the Russians, it is a tradition of not paying attention to civil losses and crimes

War in Ukraine.
She spent a year and a half in Russian captivity.
“They beat everywhere, on the legs, on the sides, where it fell”

The services accused Julia and her husband of espionage, work for the security service of Ukraine.
From MGB, the marriage was taken to “insulation” to the Contemporary Art Center converted into prison in Donetsk.
-They turned on the music loudly, took off their handcuffs, put the face to the wall and started beating.
They beat everywhere, on their legs, on the sides where it fell.
When I tried to defend myself, they beat even more.
Then they dismantled me, maybe to assess their artistry, took my laces, ripped off their zippers, told them to dress and led to the cell – recalls the woman.

Prison goals were constantly monitored.
During the day, women could not sit or lie down.
Penalties for failure to set orders included, among others
Keeping wooden buckets over the heads for many hours and beating.
Men were ordered to do thousands of squats and hundreds of push -ups, some were elective.
As we read, there are no rules in “insulation”, prisoners have no rights.
– I do not know if this is true, but I heard that in the territory of “insulation” there are places where those who have not survived torture are buried – says Julia.

In October last year, Julia and many other women were transported to taganrog for exchange.
However, the Russians told them that one of them were going to penalty camps, others to perform the death penalty.
-I was accused of a paragraph for which their right had been a sentence for ten years in prison to be shot.
Many girls were crying because they believed them.
I understood that it was an exchange, I believed in it, I did not give up panic – she added.

Julia managed to go free and find children.
However, he is still looking for a husband he knows only that he is alive.
Russia, however, refuses to replace it.

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The International Criminal Court wants to arrest Vladimir Putin.
There is an order

UN published a list of Russian crimes in Ukraine

The Investigation Commission of the UN Human Rights Council has published a report on war crimes, which the Russians in Ukraine committed.
348 women and 247 men in 56 Ukrainian towns were questioned.

The report as war crimes includes, among others: attacks on civil infrastructure, killings, torture, rape, keeping civilians in captivity and deportation of children.
Commission members, in addition to the interrogation of witnesses, inspected collective graves and execution places, as well as an analysis of photographs from mobile devices, internet network and satellite photos.
According to UN data, only documented cases, 8,000 civilians were killed in Ukraine and 13,000 were injured.
At the same time, the Human Rights Investigation Commission pointed out that this is only part of the victims of Russian aggression.

has 23 children, it is chased by MTK.
Who is the “children’s collector”?

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