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Kyrgyzstan. Scissors stuck in the face of a 5-year-old girl. A complicated surgery was necessary

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A small child at home is usually a big challenge for parents.
The supervision of an interesting world of a small man is not the simplest tasks, but it is necessary to ensure his safety.
Parents of a five -year -old from Kyrgyzstan, who faced scissors, found out painfully.


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16 seconds that touches us to tears.
New Ear Gabrysia Pasieka after reconstruction in the USA

scissors in the child’s cheek.
The device stuck to a depth of about 7 cm

An unfortunate accident occurred while playing.
Holding the scissors in her hand, the girl fell off the table, landing in such an unfortunate way that the sharp object got into her right cheek.
The scissors entered the body of a five -year -old to a depth of about 7 cm, damaging the skin, jaw bay and skull.
Parents of the injured girl immediately took her to the interregional children’s hospital in Osz.
The five -year -old was directed to the otolaryngology department specializing in head and neck injuries.

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Jelenia Góra.
The police downloaded a 3-year-old walking on the roof of the building

a five -year -old fell face to scissors.
Doctors carried out surgery

injuries dealt by scissors turned out to be so serious that the doctors decided to carry out a complicated operation.
Her head of the Umutbek Pazyłow branch undertook.
During the surgery, a dangerous object was pulled out of the girl’s face.

Doctors removed the kilo Trichobezoar from the stomach of the 22-year-old

“Fortunately for the child, the surrounding large arteries have not been violated, otherwise the child’s life would be seriously threatened. Currently, the child’s condition is good, the girl is prepared for discharge from the hospital,” the Kyrgis Ministry of Health said.

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