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Łódź. Ben Collins from “Top Gear” supported the collection for the first container ambulance in Poland for newborns


As described by Dzienniklodzki.pl, on March 15 a neonatological container ambulance came to the Institute of the Polish Mother’s Health Center in Łódź.
This is the first vehicle of this kind that Polish medical staff will be able to use.
The cost of a modern ambulance used to transport newborns is over PLN 1 million.
Money was collected thanks to a charity collection, in which he participated, among others
Ben Collins, a racing driver known for their role in the form of Stig from the popular “Top Gear” automotive program.


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The hospital in Łódź received a modern container ambulance thanks to the collection, which was supported by Ben Collins

The collection for this modern, and at the same time expensive, a vehicle saving life, was organized by the Fun & Drive Foundation, leading, among others
Numerous shares at the Manufaktura Shopping Center in Łódź.
People transferring money to the purchase of an ambulance not only supported the noble initiative, but also secured the possibility of traveling with luxury sports cars.
Ben Collins got involved in the collection, who donated one of his famous white helmets to the auction, undoubtedly known to fans of the “Top Gear” program.

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Łódź received the first neonatological container ambulance in Poland.
The collection of the Fun & Drive Foundation is still going on

Neonatological ambulances are used to transport newborns in severe condition, e.g. related to perinatal complications.
In addition to specialized treatment in the hospital, these children also need advanced medical assistance during transport.
This involves the need to equip the vehicle, among others
in a modern incubator, respirator and infusion pumps.
The construction of an ambulance allows you to quickly replace its used parts.
This is important because the vehicle covers many kilometers, saving the lives of newborns.

– If necessary, you can translate the ambulance container into a new chassis within 24 hours – noted the president of the Foundation Foundation Tomasz Bonar.
The collection organized by the Fun & Drive Foundation was not completed.
The vehicle must be supplied with the necessary equipment, the cost of which is also high.
You can read the details at siepomaga.pl.

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