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Marianna Schreiber took the military oath and returned home


Marianna Schreiber graduated on Saturday.
First, together with other soldiers, she marched in front of the gathered, and then gave the words of the oath.


“I, a soldier of the Polish Army, I swear to serve faithfully the Republic of Poland, defend its independence and borders. Stand guarding the constitution, guard the honor of a Polish soldier, defend the military banner.
I don’t spare my life. Help me so ” – she wrote on Instagram.

Marianna Schreiber officially became a soldier of the Republic of Poland.
The pictures she added on the web show that her family watched the whole ceremony.

Marianna Schreiber also showed that a big bouquet of yellow tulips and a cake with lots of cream and strawberries was waiting for her at home.

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Marianna Schreiber completed a 28-day military training

In December, Marianna Schreiber stated on Twitter that currently men do not want to go to the army and suggested that if her entry collects 2000 likes, she would report to military training.
Social media users fulfilled her wish.

In February, the founder of the party “I have enough” began a 28-day, charged training in military unit No. 2414, which is subject to the command of the Warsaw garrison.

Schreiber was banned from talking to the media.
But he reports online training

The editors of the News.infinitum.Tech portal tried then to contact the press spokesman of the unit in which the celebrity served, but it turned out to be ineffective.
Marianna Schreiber posted a tweet with a screen from our article.
“I am asking all the media so that they do not ask the unit in which I am with any questions. Please,” she wrote.

So we tried to contact the “I have enough” party leader.
Marianna Schreiber agreed to talk and one of the news journalists news.infinitum.Tech made an interview with her.
However, shortly before the conversation she asked for patience, because – as she emphasized – she needs the consent of the commander.
After two days, it turned out that she did not receive such consent – a conversation with Schreiber is only possible now after taking the oath.

Marianna Schreiber reports military training on the network.

“such things are unthinkable”

Marianna reported every day of her service on social media.
Pictures of dinners from a military canteen, face camouflage, struggling with military rigor, excitement of training with weapons -these are just examples.
Some of the military criticized her behavior.
Colonel Andrzej Kruczyński, a former member of the GROM special unit, conversation with news.infinitum.Tech emphasized that “such things are unthinkable, are prohibited.”

– There were many such situations on a military mission, when the other side was able to track such players, soldiers, even if they only have a telephone, sports application/' target='_blank'>application, running – he noted.

– restrictions should be.
Someone should tell this lady that if she wants to be a celebrity, these are better places where she can realize.
Other than uniformed services – he added.

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