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Media: Putin visited Ukrainian Mariupol. Visited the Dramatic Theater, where the Russians made the massacre


In the occupied Mariupol Putin traveled several districts of the city, making stops and talking to the residents.
In the Nevsky district, at the invitation of one of the Russian families, the president went to their home – informs TASS.


The President of Russia was also to familiarize himself with construction and renovation works that the Russians carry out in the city.

Films and a photo of the visit appeared on the Internet, but there are no such materials on the official pages of the Kremlin or Russian ministries.

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Łukasiewicz: We are a front state – we must expect such activities as Russia’s espionage

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“In particular, it was about building new housing estates, social and educational facilities, housing infrastructure and municipal services, medical facilities” – the Kremlin press service said, which quotes interfax.

Among Putin’s stops was, among others
Dramatic theater in Mariupol.
On March 16, 2022, the Russians bombed the building when several hundred people were protected inside.
The word “children” in Russian was painted on the pavement before and behind the theater.
The idea was that the Russians would not bomb the shelter (which the building became then), in which the youngest residents of the city were also located.
Up to 600 people could die.

Vladimir Putin visited Crimea occupied by the Russians.
Opened cultural facilities

On Saturday, Vladimir Putin visited the occupied Crimea, where he visited the art school and the Korsun Children’s Center in Sevastopol near Taurycki Chersonez.

Together with the Russian governor of the city Michał Razwojew, the Russian president took part in the opening of cultural facilities.
Putin was also accompanied by the metropolitan of Pskov Tichon.

Vladimir Putin flew to Crimea, occupied by Russia

18 March was the 9th anniversary of the annexation of Crimea.
In 2014 – two days after the illegal referendum – Russia announced the incorporation of the peninsula.

UN accuses the Russians of terrorism in Ukraine.
It’s about Mariupol and Kramatorsk

The Russians committed war crimes in Ukraine and should be held responsible for this – such conclusions were found in the report of the UN Human Human Rights Council published from Saturday.
Commission members questioned 348 women and 247 men in 56 Ukrainian towns.

The report as war crimes includes, among others: attacks on civil infrastructure, killings, torture, rape, keeping civilians in captivity and deportation of children.
The members of the Commission, in addition to hearing witnesses, inspected collective graves and execution places, as well as an analysis of photographs from mobile devices, internet network and satellite photos.

impressive action of Ukrainians.
“White Wolves” destroyed 10 tanks

The Council of Human Rights as a terrorist attack of the Russian army recognized the bombing of the Dramatic Theater building in Mariupol, marked with the inscription “Children” visible from the air, on March 16, 2022.
The second terrorist attack was the fire station of the railway station.

According to UN data, only documented cases, 8,000 civilians were killed in Ukraine and 13,000 were injured.
At the same time, the Human Rights Investigation Commission pointed out that this is only part of the victims of Russian aggression.

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