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Media: There are no Russians among the arrested spies. Meanwhile, Belarusian propaganda “began lamentation”


The Internal Security Agency detained nine people suspected of cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation with Russian special services – said the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński on Thursday.
The detainees are suspected of conducting intelligence against Poland and preparing diversion acts on behalf of Russian intelligence.
They are foreigners from behind the eastern border.


As “Rzeczpospolita” found out, Russia recruited Belarusians and Ukrainians to the spy group.
There are no Russians among the detainees.

– People with Russian citizenship would immediately be conspicuous, probably that’s why representatives of other nationalities were recruited- says one of the interlocutors of “Rz”.
The spies began to operate in Poland probably this year.

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Łukasiewicz: We are a front state – we must expect such activities as Russia’s espionage

Belarusian propaganda argues that the detainees are innocent.
Analytic of letters: Lament began

In turn, Belarusian propagandists say that three out of nine detainees in Poland in spy are citizens of Belarus who had nothing to do with special services or strength services – read in independent, Belarusian media.

According to propagandists, detained Belarusians are 29-year-old Władysław Ślutiucha, probably his girlfriend-19-year-old Maria Medvedeva and 52-year-old Nikolai Moskalenko.

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“The lament began that the Belarusian citizens detained by the Internal Security Agency are innocent. The Polish Independent Court will decide about their guilt/innocence. Unlike those of Belarusian awarding draconian punishments in faked political processes,” comments Anna comments on their Belarusian.
Maria Dyner, analyst of the Polish Institute of International Affairs.

Director of the Research Center on the modern security environment Michał Marek confirms that Belarus and Russia spread disinformation on people detained in Poland on charges of espionage.

“We can expect that this issue will be manifested for a long time. Belarusians focus on creating Poland on the country ‘extremely dangerous’ for Belarusians, whose services ‘they catch, who they have only on hand’ to later organize ‘demonstration processes’ or
Treat as ‘hostages’, which can be mentioned for ‘Polish spies’ operating in Belarus … ”

– writes the expert.

The group monitored railway routes.
They were preparing for diversion

Six people were arrested.
The prosecutor’s office charged with espionage to Russia and participation in an organized criminal group.
The evidence indicates that the group monitored railway routes, and its tasks included, among others
Documenting transports with armament for Ukraine.

spies operated primarily in Podkarpacie, on trains heading towards border crossings with Ukraine.
It was this way that both military equipment and humanitarian aid were sent from Poland to Ukraine.

The suspects also prepared for subversive actions aimed at paralyzing the supply of equipment, weapons and help for this country.
ABW officers secured cameras, electronic equipment and GPS transmitters, which were to be mounted on transport with help.

Cameras at Polish tracks is a mine of knowledge for Russia

Information of the Internal Security Agency shows that the group also ordered propaganda activities to destabilize Polish-Ukrainian relations, fuel and awaken in Poland moods of enemy north-Atlantic Pact and attack government policy towards Ukraine.
ABW has evidence that the suspects were rewarded by Russian special services.
Group members received systematically withdrawals for the tasks implemented.

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