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Medvedev is behind the murder? Moscow was to designate millions for the “head” of the Italian minister


The findings of Italian intelligence sources, which are referred to by journalists “Il Foglio” shows that Moscow has set $ 15 million for the “head” of the “head” of the Minister of Defense of Italy Guido Crosetto.
According to the journal, the information of special services on this subject was provided to the Italian ministry 10 days ago.


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Dmitry Medvedev commissioned the murder of the Italian Minister?
The order was to be carried out by mercenaries from the Wagner group

As we read in the newspaper, the former prime minister and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is to be assigned to the murder of Italian politics.
The current Vice -President of the Security Council of the Russian Federation was to commission this task to mercenaries from the Wagner group from one of the cells that operate in Europe, most likely in Serbia or Estonia.

Message about the prize for the “head” of the minister was revealed a few days after Guido Crosetto said that the recently high influx of migrants to Italy is the strategy of “hybrid war” led by the Wagner group, which has
distract the west from the war in Ukraine.
The hypothesis of the head of the Ministry of Defense was also confirmed by other members of the Italian government.

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huge fire of the FSB building in Russia.
You could hear explosions

This is not the end, because Crosetto, who has been a minister since October 2022, has been indicating for a long time to further support the defense of Ukraine to prevent the “spilling” of the conflict to other countries and the outbreak of World War III
According to “Il Foglio”, also intelligence services of other countries, including France and Poland, were to “express concern” with reports about Medvedev’s possible orders.

The Italian newspaper reminded that the former President of Russia known for its propaganda statements called the minister Crosetto “eccentric” and “one of the countless fools of power structures in Europe.”
It is unofficially known that the Kremlin is not satisfied with the suggestion that Moscow is behind the influx of refugees from Africa to Europe – and for this reason there was to be an order directed against Crosetto.

Medvedev, who usually likes to comment on such reports, so far he has not reacted to the “Il Foglio” report.

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