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MEPs are surprised by “agitation” after the report about John Paul II? Biedroń: Everyone knew


Wirtualna Polska interviewed the MEP and chairman of the Women’s Rights Committee and equality in the European Parliament Robert Biedron.
A large part of the conversation concerned the person of John Paul II.
As the politician emphasized, “to defend the memory” of the Pope is the Catholic Church, not politicians.
– Politicians are to watch over the chapter of the state from the church – he emphasized.


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Zdrojewski: PiS is trying to post to John Paul II party ID card

Robert Biedroń about the reaction of the EP to the report about John Paul II: Nobody is surprised

According to Biedronia, pedophilia reports and accusations against specific priests should be dealt with by the prosecutor’s office, historians and experts.
The WP journalist asked his interlocutor if the echoes of the report “Franciszkańska 3” and the books of Ekke Overbeek “Maxim Culpa. John Paul II knew” talks in the European Parliament.

-of course.
I talked to my friends from PE on this topic.
They say that this is nothing new and they are surprised by this moral intensification in our country.
“Where were you when we talked about it?”
– I hear.
Nobody in the EP is neither surprised or indignant.
Because everyone knew about it – emphasizes Biedroń.

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march in defense JP II.
“I know from ‘news’ that the Pope is missed’

“Franciszkańska 3”.
Biedroń: In the West, John Paul II has a completely different image

The politician points out that the image of the Polish pope in our country is idealized, which, moreover, “he was hurt”.
-He was dehumanized, a superman was made of him.
And yet he was a multidimensional man – said Biedroń, stating that Karol Wojtyła “participated in a system in which the Catholic Church became the only institution in the world that created the mechanism of hiding criminals of pedophilia crime.”

MEP also emphasized that “the West about the sins of the Church, including the sins of John Paul II, has been discussing for a long time”.
-In the West, John Paul II has a completely different image.
He is associated with the dogma of death civilization because he opposed help in Africa regarding contraception during AIDS pandemic.
He opted in a firm manner of women’s law to decide on interrupting pregnancy.
He condemned the same -sex relationships.
He hid and moved the perpetrators of pedophilia – Biedroń mentioned, adding that many publications were created in the West.

already 176 complaints to KRRiT at “Franciszkańska 3”

pedophilia in the church.
“It shows that John Paul II knew that the problem exists”

ekke overbeek, author of the book “Maxima Culpa. John Paul II knew”, presented in his publication evidence that Karol Wojtyła, being a metropolitan of Krakow, knew pedophilia among priests from his archdiocese.
On March 6, TVN24 broadcast the report “Franciszkańska 3”, in which Marcin Gutowski talked with the victims of pedophile priests, as well as Overbeek himself.

– what you discovered is groundbreaking, because it shows what many people thought for years that John Paul II knew that this problem exists before he became a pope.
He had to know, but there was no evidence.
And this is proof – said Thomas Doyle, a canonist lawyer, author of the first American report on sexual abuse in the Church.

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