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MiG-29 for Ukraine. White House about the decision of Poland on fighters: we encourage other countries to do what they may


President Joe Biden announced that he is not planning to hand over f-16 fighters to Ukraine.
“We need them at home,” he said in February, answering the question of Polish Radio.
Representatives of the American authorities then explained that – in the opinion of the Pentagon – Ukraine needs other types of weapons more.


White house.
John Kirby comments on the decision of Poland on MiG-29 for Ukraine

During the Thursday briefing, the Strategic Communication Coordinator of the White House John Kirby said that Poland’s decision to transfer Migs to Ukraine will not make President Biden to send American F-16.
– This does not change our calculations in relation to the F-16.
These are sovereign decisions of each country and we respect them – said Kirby.

Strategic communication coordinator of the White House did not say whether the United States support the decision to transfer Migs.
However, he praised Poland for the military support of Ukraine.
When asked if President Biden talked to President Duda about Miga, Kirby replied that he did not know anything about it.

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Bold decision of the government!
Duda: We send MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine!

Let us remind you that on Wednesday, i.e. the day before Andrzej Duda’s declaration about fighters, the White House said that the United States supports “sovereign decisions”
The coordinator of the Strategic Communication of the White House John Kirby said, however, that he cannot point to any specific consultations with Poland regarding fighters for Kiev.
Kirby added, however, that Washington is in constant communication with allies on ensuring Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

– I cannot speak on this specific topic or point to any specific conversations [with Poland].
I refer to the Pentagon in this matter.
These are sovereign decisions of individual countries.
We do not force anyone to do anything, but we encourage other countries to do whatever they can to help Ukraine.
(…) If a country wants to deliver combat aircraft Ukraine, we will certainly support it as its sovereign decision, “Kirby replied.
He also informed about the planned meeting of the contact group for the Defense of Ukraine with the participation of the head of Pentagon Lloyd Austin and chairman of the combined Staff of the US armed forces by General Mike Milley.

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Polish MiG-29 fighters.
The Ukrainian expert comments: They will be a good support

Andrzej Duda about MiG-29 fighters for Ukraine

President Andrzej Duda said that our country is in the process of sending MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.
Four aircraft will be handed over in the coming days – the others are currently serviced and will later be transmitted.
Ukrainians are able to use them without training, because the Ukrainian army also has such.

Andrzej Duda told journalists after meeting the Czech President that the decision was first at the level of the highest state authorities, and then the government adopted a special resolution in this matter.
This has happened because the MiG-29 fighters are still active planes in the defense of Poland.
The president announced that we have a dozen or so more of them – they were taken over in the early 90s from the GDR.

Andrzej Duda reminded that their place will be taken by planes from South Korea – FA50, whose first copies will appear in Poland this year, and then – f -35 fighters ordered in the United States.

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