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Minister Henryk Kowalczyk, evacuated from the agricultural fair. PSL announces a dismissal application


The difficult situation of farmers and disappointment with government decisions make themselves felt.
The nationwide protest has been suspended, but if the government does not make the promises they have made at the last meeting within two weeks, farmers will leave tractors all over Poland.
He blames the minister of agriculture Henryk Kowalczyk, and PSL believes that the politician should bear the consequences.


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What do farmers have to face in the era of the energy crisis?

PSL wants to appeal Henryk Kowalczyk

Leader of people, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, on Saturday he met the inhabitants of Busko-Zdrój.
He referred to the situation at Agrotech, where farmers with the help of sirens disturbed the speech of the Minister of Agriculture.
Ultimately, the police and protection had to evacuate Henryk Kowalczyk from the fair.

What happened at the fair in Kielce is an expression of despair, impatience and drama of the farmer, Polish host and peasant, is the drama of the Polish countryside

– said Kosiniak-Kamysz.

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The politician added that the disturbances were not organized by representatives of the political organization, and by the people who represented the Polish village and who have “fed up”. PSL leader announced that he would submit an application next week
for dismissal of the Minister of Agriculture.

– for errors, omissions, lost opportunities, for a lack of money from the Union, for letting Ukrainian grain, for low grain prices, high fertilizer prices.
For the liquidation of 120,000 farms breeding pigs, for uncontrolled spread of ASF.
These are the mentioned errors, omissions and shortcomings in short – explained Kosiniak -Kamysz.

Farmers will block the border with Ukraine, instead of protesting throughout the country

Minister of Agriculture Evacized from the Agricultural Fair

Agrotech began in Kielce on Friday in Kielce.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Henryk Kowalczyk arrived.
On the same day, the protest action of the Association of the Cheated Village was held, in which several hundred farmers dressed in reflective vests participated.

Government representatives together with the Minister of Agriculture at some point were surrounded by farmers who began to whistle and chant, among others
According to “Echo Dnia”, the deputy marshal of the voivodship Renata Janik was pushed to one of the tractors.
Deputy Prime Minister Henryk Kowalczyk was then evacuated from the object by the police and protection.

Wiesław Gryn from the Zamość Agricultural Society, one of the participants of the protest, said that farmers wanted to show their dissatisfaction.
– Despite the declarations made to us [Minister of Agriculture Henryk Kowalczyk – ed.
ed.] Nothing changes.
We know that for Polish wheat in Polish warehouses there will be no space.
The export of grain goes very slow, but the import of Ukraine goes full steam – he said.

Gryn emphasized that farmers have been submitting postulates for 6 months and “are not taken into account at all”.
– It seems that the Ministry of Agriculture has fallen asleep – he emphasized.

– In the countryside we have such a situation that farmers will not have anything to buy fuel for.
It doesn’t even talk about fertilizers.
Our grain is unnevable.
There is a problem here.
Wheat prices in the Zamość region fell below PLN 900 net, rape below PLN 2,000.
We can’t function at these prices.
Contracts are signed with reception to June.
Future harvest can end tragically – said Wiesław Gryn.

new tax will hit food producers.
Prices can go up

The Minister of Agriculture corresponds to farmers.
“Apparently does not care about conversations”

After evacuation from the object, the Minister of Agriculture Henryk Kowalczyk took part in a short press conference, during which he became.
asked by one of the journalists to comment on the protest of farmers gathered around the Association, the Cheated Village.

– I invite representatives to talk, but it’s hard to talk in noise and whistles.
I invited to specific and precise conversations, so far nobody wants to report.
Apparently it does not care about conversations, but about whistles and screams.
Yes, we will not fix Polish agriculture – answered Kowalczyk.

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