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Moldova changed the official language. Zacharowa does not hide his dissatisfaction. “Let them stick to logic”


On March 16, the Moldovan parliament adopted a law according to which the official language is Romanian.
The changes will apply primarily to legislative texts and the constitution.
Due to the fact that until now the state language was Moldovan, which was based on the Latin alphabet, translation will be needed.
Moldova is inhabited by over 2.7 million inhabitants, and more than 80 percent of them use Romanian as a native language.

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Moldova changes the official language to Romanian

The act regarding the change of language was presented by the pro -Western ruling party Akcja i Solidarity (PAS).
It was approved at the first reading at the beginning of March, and it was accepted on March 16 with the support of 58 out of 101 legislators.
Representatives of the pro -Russian block of communists and socialists (BCS) protested against the act.
During the last session in parliament, they presented banners criticizing the belt.
One of them wrote “Moldovan language is a mother, Romanian is a daughter” or “Constitution of the Moldova Republic: Moldova, Moldovan, Moldovan way” – said Radio Free Europe.
The leaders of BCS Vladimir Woronin and Vladimir Bolea informed that they would challenge this decision to the Constitutional Tribunal.

The change in the official language is a great step for Moldova, as a candidate for the European Union to distance themselves from historical relationships with Moscow.
“The constitution currently defines the national language as Moldovan, but the declaration of independence of Moldova from the Soviet Union of 1991 stated that the official language was Romanian,” Reuters says.
The PAS Party proposed a bill that was to adapt the Constitution to the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal of 2013. According to it, the Declaration of Independence always has priority over the constitution.

The Romanian language is preferred by people who want closer relations with Romania, which is a member of NATO and the European Union.
Moldova and Romania have a common culture, language and history, and the eastern region of Romania is also called Moldova.
“Most of Moldova were annexed by tsarist Russia in 1812 and was part of the Russian Empire under the name Besarabia until the end of World War I, when it was voted for unification with Romania. It was again annexed by Moscow and transformed into the Soviet Republic at the end of World War II, before
announced independence in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union ” – informs Radio Free Europe.

According to many Moldovans, the change of language is the possibility of “repairing what they consider to be evil, when the Soviet Union tried to impose the concept of the Moldovan language written in Cyrillic to strengthen Moldovan identity,” Reuters.


This is how Russia wants to subordinate Moldova.
The document was revealed

Moldova changed the official language.
Maria Zacharowa criticized this government’s decision

Maria Zacharowa, a spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told the Telegram on the channel that the decision to change the language imposes questions about Moldova’s territorial integrity.
“By rejecting the Moldovan language, the current power in Chisinau poses the question: who Besarabia belongs to now. Now Moldovan language, paradoxically, has been officially preserved only in Transnistria. If they want to rewrite the name of the language, let them stick to historical logic and call Moldova’s Romanian language, and
Not the other way around, “wrote Zacharów.

She also drew attention to language history.
“Historical linguistics have long been agreeing as to the languages of Moldovan and Romanian. They are really similar, but these are various dialects. Moldova is the ancient language of Moldovans, mentioned in works from the 17th century” – wrote Zacharh.
“The Romanian language itself was only formed at the end of the 18th century. What’s more, Moldova, as the language of contemporary statehood, is a limited symbol of self -identification of the inhabitants of Moldova, shaped within modern borders in 1940” – she added.

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