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Morawiecki about Oscars. He is dissatisfied with the award of a certain prize. “Bitterness of Ukrainians right”


On Sunday, March 12, the Oscars were awarded.
Mateusz Morawiecki decided to share the feelings related to the decision of the Film Academy about the winning film about the Russian Navalny oppositionist.


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Czajka-Kominiarczuk about the nomination for the Polish operator

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Mateusz Morawiecki comments Oscars.
“This is the arena of political manifestos”

Mateusz Morawiecki emphasizes, the superior value in the interpretation of political events is the context that disappears when the recipient is too far away.
The politician emphasizes the importance of cinema, which, as a sphere introducing politics and relations between states, displaced literature in this area.
Mateusz Morawiecki defines Hollywood as a place with the greatest puncture, responsible for creating mass culture.
However, the statuette is to guarantee reaching anywhere in the world.

This time, however, the Polish prime minister is dissatisfied with the gala, which in his opinion was to diminish Ukraine.
This conclusion was drawn because Zelanski did not receive permission to speak during the Oscars.
Mateusz Morawiecki also feels affected by the fact that the topic of war in Ukraine has not been raised.
The appeal, which was issued to the participants to attach a small cuff with the Flag of Ukraine, was ignored by the vast majority.
Jerzy Skolimowski was the only person who came with an element of Ukrainian colors.
The Prime Minister believes that “bitterness of Ukrainians is right” when it comes to reaction to a reference to the war on this year’s Oscars, which affirmed Nawalny and the right of Zelanski was denied to speak – we hear in the subcly to Spotify.

Brad pitt with a statuette.
When receiving the prize, he referred to Trump’s impeachment

Morawiecki: Nawalny’s proposal is a kind of imperialism with a human face

Mateusz Morawiecki reminded in his statement that Navalny, despite being in opposition to Putin, supported the attack on Georgia and Russian annexies.
– Navalny’s proposal is a kind of imperialism with a human face.
And maybe that’s why Putin recognized Nawalny as a threat, but it allows him to communicate with the whole world.
The democratic opposition is not a competition for him today, but another imperial policy may meet the ideological needs of the Russians – informs the prime minister.

The Prime Minister finally recalls that for him Oscars’ policy symbolizes the list of photos of the Navalny family, participating in the gala, with photos of mutilated Ukrainian families, along with the signature of “Putin’s victims”.

This is how Morawiecki promotes on Facebook.
For this amount you can buy a flat

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