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NATO comments on the arrest of spies in Poland. There is, among others About “a blow to Russian intelligence”


The Internal Security Agency detained nine people suspected of cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation with Russian special services last week.
The detainees are suspected of conducting intelligence against Poland and preparing diversion acts on behalf of Russian intelligence.


NATO referred to the matter, which in a statement sent to the RMF FM journalist in Brussels writes about close cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation between allied services as part of counterintelligence.

“Anxiety related to Russia’s actions in Europe has intensified since the full -scale invasion of Moscow to Ukraine (…) many members of the alliance have observed in recent months cyberrataki, disinformation, economic pressure and political intimidation,” reads in

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Łukasiewicz: We are a front state – we must expect such activities as Russia’s espionage

“We also noticed illegal actions of Russian spies,” admit diplomats of the North Atlantic Alliance.

NATO emphasizes that in the “consequence of the Russian war, European countries expelled hundreds of Russian spies, thus inflicting a serious blow to Russian intelligence.”
Also provided about close cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation between the services under counterintelligence.

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From the information revealed by the head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński, it follows that the group monitored transports with military assistance for Ukraine and was to prepare subversive actions in Poland.
The agent network working on behalf of Russian intelligence has mounted at least several dozen electronic devices for spying.
9 people have been arrested so far.

Among the spies there are no Russians

to the spy group Russia recruited Belarusians and Ukrainians.
There are no Russians among the detainees.

– People with Russian citizenship would immediately be conspicuous, probably that’s why representatives of other nationalities were recruited- says one of the interlocutors of “Rzeczpospolita”.
The spies began to operate in Poland probably this year.

In turn, Belarusian propagandists say that three out of nine detainees in Poland in spy are citizens of Belarus who had nothing to do with special services or strength services – read in independent, Belarusian media.

According to propagandists, detained Belarusians are 29-year-old Władysław Ślutiucha, probably his girlfriend-19-year-old Maria Medvedeva and 52-year-old Nikolai Moskalenko.

Russian spies in Poland.
Subsequent people were arrested

“The lament began that the Belarusian citizens detained by the Internal Security Agency are innocent. The Polish Independent Court will decide about their guilt/innocence. Unlike those of Belarusian awarding draconian punishments in faked political processes,” comments Anna comments on their Belarusian.
Maria Dyner, analyst of the Polish Institute of International Affairs.

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