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NATO intends to strengthen the eastern flank? “This is to stop Russia from expanding the war”


According to Politico, in the coming months NATO will want to strengthen the efforts in accumulating equipment along the eastern end of the alliance, and “will designate tens of thousands of forces that can hurry with the help of allies in a short time – which is to stop Russia before
extension of the war outside Ukraine. ”
For this, however, NATO must convince you to make its contribution.


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Łukasiewicz: We are a front state – we must expect such activities as Russia’s espionage

NATO is preparing to strengthen the eastern flank?
“There is a risk that not everyone will fulfill their promises”

– if there is no one who organizes a contributory event and tells everyone what to bring, everyone will bring potato chips, because potato chips are cheap and easy to get – said former deputy assistant to the Secretary of Defense of the USA DS
. European policy and NATO James J. Towsend Jr.
Politico points out that after a year of war in Ukraine, states are worried about its own weapons, while Ukraine still urgently needs it more.
“There is a risk that not all NATO allies will fulfill their promises to make a contribution to the new plans of the Alliance,” writes the portal.

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Russian cucumbers on Polish bazaars.
“We should be consistent”

War in Ukraine.
NATO will need “soldiers in readiness”

One of the high -ranking NATO military officials emphasized in a conversation with Politico that in his opinion, to oppose Russia, a much larger number of soldiers, especially “soldiers in readiness” needed.
The portal points out that there are several levels here.
The first can assume about 100,000
soldiers (from Poland, Norway and the Baltic States) ready to move within 10 days.
The second one would assume soldiers from countries like Germans who could find an eastern flank within 10 to 30 days.

“Some armed forces will have to increase recruitment efforts. Many allies will have to increase defense expenses. And everyone will have to buy more weapons, ammunition and equipment” – we read.

spectacular feat of Ukrainians.
They hit the 100 km base behind the front line

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