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Poland will pass Migi-29 Ukraine. Foreign media: Warsaw “breaks taboos”, “became a leader”

Mar 17, 2023 , ,

On Thursday President Andrzej Duda said that our country is in the process of sending MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.
Four aircraft will be handed over in the coming days.
Others are currently serviced and will later be successively transmitted.


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bold movement of the government!
Duda confirms: such a decision was made

Poland will hand over Migi-29 Ukraine.
ISW expert: turning point

– this may be a turning point when the western capitals begin to analyze their previous decisions to refuse to send planes to Ukraine – said George Barros, an analyst at ISW.

in an interview with Time.

As he emphasized, a larger number of aircraft will allow Ukraine to better use their weapons.
– Military equipment, such as tanks and aircraft, is more effective when used as part of a larger strategy.
In addition, Ukrainians are able to use them without training, because their army also has such – the expert added.

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“welt”: Poland breaks the hardly understandable taboo

“The Polish government once again presses the help of neighboring Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggressor. Warsaw announces that it will provide fighters, while Germany and other countries hesitate” – notes the German daily “Welt” in turn

The author of the publication of Clemens Wergin notes that while the Germans are still “suffocating in the bureaucratic inertia regarding the modernization of the Bundeswehr”, Poland has already placed extensive orders for weapons last year, and even received part of the ordered heavy equipment
(…) from South Korea “.

“is an important decision for Ukrainian combat strength. However, the political signal that Warsaw sends to its Western partners is equally important. Poland breaks the hardly understandable taboo, which until now prevented western states of fighters” -he concludes

CNN: “Warsaw has become a leader among NATO allies in providing a heavy weapon with a heavy weapon”

MiGs of Ukraine were also recorded by CNN.
According to journalists, Warsaw has become a leader among NATO allies in providing a heavy weapon to Kiev.
“Announcement that Poland will send planes designed by the Soviets means a step beyond the Alliance’s obligations and can put pressure on other Member States to do the same” – it was written.

Putin told a joke about Germans and cockroaches.
The commentators look at the face

“Other NATO countries were reluctant to go beyond the decision made at the beginning of this year to send tanks to Kiev, and the United States assured on Thursday that the Polish movement would not affect their position” – reads.

The White House comments on the transfer by Poland of MiGs

The Polish decision to send to Ukraine the MiG-29 jet does not change the position of President Joe Biden regarding F-16 aircraft-said the coordinator of the strategic communication of the White House John Kirby.
The United States does not plan to hand over their fighters to Ukraine.

President Joe Biden said that he is not planning to hand over f-16 fighters to Ukraine, because he needs them at home.
Representatives of the American authorities explained that – in the opinion of the Pentagon – Ukraine needs other types of weapons more.

Strategic communication coordinator of the White House did not say whether the United States support the decision to transfer MiGs.
However, he praised Poland for the military support of Ukraine.
When asked if President Biden talked to President Duda about MiGs, Kirby replied that he didn’t know anything about it.

Chinese leader XI Jinping will visit Moscow.
The Kremlin gave the exact date

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