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Poland will pass Migi-29 Ukraine. Is the Kremlin’s reaction

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– this is another example of how many member states of the North Atlantic Alliance, including Poland, raises the level of its direct commitment to conflict.
Of course, the supplies of this equipment, which we have talked about many times, cannot affect the result of a special military operation (this is how the war in Ukraine is called in Russia -ed.), But to make additional trouble to Ukraine itself and the Ukrainian nation -said Pieskow, referring to the decision of Poland
on the transfer of MIGs 29 Ukraine.


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– It seems that these countries simply get rid of old, unnecessary equipment in this way – said Pieskow, quoted by the Russian state information agency Ria Novosti.

The spokesman added that all equipment passed on to Ukraine “of course” will be destroyed by the Russian army.

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Poland will pass Migi-29 Ukraine

On Thursday President Andrzej Duda said that our country is in the process of sending MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.
Four aircraft will be handed over in the coming days.
Others are currently serviced and will later be successively transmitted.

– We have these migs in the resource at the moment a dozen or so.
Planes are functional and still used to supervise Polish airspace, but these are the last years of their functioning – said the president.
He added that fighters “are able to serve Ukrainian pilots without any additional training.”
– We will successively transfer (Jed.) To the armed forces of Ukraine – pointed out Duda.

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Not only Poland declares military assistance

Slovakia will hand over Ukraine thirteen Soviet MiG-29 fighters and part of the KUB rocket system.
The equipment is to be sent to Ukraine within a few days, based on the intergovernmental agreement, which was adopted today by the government of Eduard Heger unanimously.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia pointed out that fighters are to be used to defend, not for attack.
He added that their transfer is not tantamount to the involvement of Slovakia in the war, as part of the opposition claims.

– we pass on MIG-i to Ukraine to protect its civilians.
The process is strictly coordinated with the Polish side, Ukraine and of course with other allies.
We confirm this step once again that our government is on the right side of the history – said Eduard Heger.

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