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Polish volunteers shelled by the Russians in Ukraine. New information about the wounded


According to the Polish Press Agency, wounded as a result of Russian fire, Polish volunteers were hospitalized.
The condition of one of the victims is serious but stable.
In turn, Anton Heraszczenko said that one of the Poles went to a medical facility in Dnieper.
“I wish both a full and quick recovery” – wrote the former deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine.
The total number of injured in the attack is six people.


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War in Ukraine.
Two Polish volunteers were injured

HERASZCHENKO also shared a photo of a white bus.
On the side of the vehicle you can see a large opening of the bullet in place, behind the driver’s seat.
The inscription “Helping Ukraine” and the flags of Poland, Ukraine and Latvia are also visible on the car.

Information about wounded Poles was also confirmed by the Polish ambassador in Ukraine.
– I confirm that we received information about the wounded citizen of the Commonwealth.
Medical assistance is provided to him and care will be provided – said Bartosz Cichocki.
However, the diplomat did not want to reveal additional details about the victims of volunteers.
– Thanks to the procedures of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister Poland and Ukraine, they have developed an efficient mechanism of information and cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation in the field of care for the wounded – assured Cichocki.

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arrest order to Vladimir Putin.
Is Scholz’s reaction

This is not the first case when Polish volunteers are injured as a result of a Russian attack in Ukraine.
At the beginning of 2023, two people who were injured in Bachmut were brought to the Clinical Hospital in Lublin.
Kamil and Grażyna took humanitarian aid and small gifts for children there.
As a result of the Russian fire, 33-year-old Grażyna lost her leg, survived thanks to her younger friend.

According to Interia, Grażyna is still in the hospital, where she recovers after amputation of the leg.
Kamil, in turn, set out to Ukraine with another help.

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