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Pope Francis talks about war crimes in Ukraine for the first time. He did not use the word “Russia”


Pope Francis, as every week, met the faithful on Sunday during the prayer of the Angelus of the Lord in St. Peter Square in the Vatican.
After the sermon and prayer, he expressed compassion for the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador.
Then he wishes to all fathers in connection with the day of Saint Joseph, dad’s day.


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Gowin: I hope that the position of the Holy See regarding war in Ukraine will change

War in Ukraine.
Pope Francis: “The Ukrainian nation suffers through war crimes”

At the end, the Pope asked all the faithful to pray for the Ukrainian nation.
For the first time he decided that the actions of the Russian troops in Ukraine are falling under war crimes – although in this statement some elements were missing.

– Brothers and sisters, let’s not forget to pray for a tired Ukrainian nation, suffering from war crimes – said Pope Francis, quoted behind the Italian Information Agency Aga (Agenzia Giornalistica Italia).
It is worth noting, however, that he spoke about war crimes, but in this context he did not use the word “Russia”, nor did he say directly that it was about Russian soldiers.

Pope Francis about Russian crimes: I don’t know if this is genocide

Pope Francis does not want to point to Russia.
“I don’t want to offend, just condemn”

Let us remind you that last week the Pope in an interview with the journalist of the Argentine daily “La Nacion” did not directly want to state that the actions of Russian troops in Ukraine can be considered genocide.

– Not only my Greek Catholic friends are talking about genocide.
Anyone, women and children can be the goal.
The attempt to exterminate the Ukrainian nation by the Russians who bombed Ukrainian schools and cultural institutions – said the journalist, addressing the Pope.
– Every Sunday and Wednesdays you talk about the “tired nation”.
Hence my question: can we talk about genocide?
she asked.

– “Genocide” is a technical word, certainly – replied Pope Francis.
– But of course, when schools, hospitals and shelters are bombarded, it gives the impression that it is not about occupying the area, but about destruction.
[…] I don’t know if it is genocide or not.
People must examine this and define it accordingly.
Certainly, however, this is not war ethics we are used to – said Franciszek.

Pope shock: It is not the Russian nation that wages war.
They are soldiers

Over the past year, Pope Francis has been repeatedly criticized for his attitude towards war in Ukraine.
He often avoided Russia’s explicit condemnation.
In May, the Italian daily “Corriere Della Sera” published an interview in which the Pope stated that “perhaps barking NATO at the door of Russia” led to the fact that Vladimir Putin began the war.
Then protested, among others
Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In November, in an interview with the “America” magazine, he explained: – It is certain that it is the Russian state who invasion of Ukraine.
It’s clear.
Sometimes, however, I try not to speak too precisely so as not to offend, but rather generally condemn.
And so you still know who I condemn.
It is therefore not necessary for me to exchange by name – emphasized Pope Francis.

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Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court in Hague issued the arrest warrant on Friday by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Aleksiejewny Lviv-Biełowa.
The MTK statement emphasized that Putin is to be “responsible for the war crime involving the unlawful deportation of the population (children) and the unlawful resettlement of the population (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to Russia.”

Pope Francis about the war in Ukraine: It is well known who I condemn who I condemn

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