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Probe. A surprising result of the confederation. “Some voters are starting to look for an alternative”

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Research conducted by the Pollster Institute is not performed on the “representative group”.
“Unlike typical polls, the surveyers call (or come home) randomly selected people, Pollster has no surveyers at all. The results are given on the basis of electronically completed surveys by Internet users who reported to the so -called research panel called ‘reactor
Opinions’ ” – OKO.press pointed out.


In the latest poll on the behalf of “Super Express” conducted by the Pollster Research Institute, Poles were asked who they would give their voice today.

The first place was taken by the United Right with a result of 33.81 percent, and the second position of the Citizens’ Coalition – 28.36 percent.
The third place on the podium went to Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia with a result of just over 11 percent.

The fourth force in Poland is a confederation of freedom and independence.
“Krzysztof Bosak’s group has gained almost 10 % support and is on the heels of Hołownia. This is the best result of this party so far,” we read.

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“The world in which the West helped us, ended when Putin attacked civilian rockets.”
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The probe shows that the left would also get to the Sejm of the new term.
The Polish People’s Party would achieve a result – 4.5 percent
below the electoral threshold.

subcommittee supported Civic Projekt Sp.
Three years for “Loaning of the Church”

Dudek: Some voters are starting to look for an alternative

In the opinion of prof.
Antoni Dudek, one study is not enough to talk about the trend, but maybe “this is the first signal that the two main formations are starting to bother Poles and some voters are starting to look for an alternative to PiS and the opposition camp, headed by the platform.”

– For them, the only escape is the confederation.
The second element is personal changes in the confederation.
– Krzysztof Bosak and Sławomir Mentzen became the face of two party wings of the confederation.
They marginalized those people who were the most radical and troublesome for their party, i.e. Janusz Korwin -Mikke and Grzegorz Braun – said the expert.

convicted an abortion activist and on the same day she was promoted

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