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Putin in Mariupol enraged the city’s inhabitants. “I am as old as you, I stayed with nothing”


Kremlin informed that Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol, occupied by Russian troops, on Sunday.
The visit was to take place in the middle of the night.
In social media, Russian agencies have posted photos and recordings from a visit to the Ukrainian city.


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“The world in which the West helped us, ended when Putin attacked civilian rockets.”
Paweł Kowal in the morning conversation news.infinitum.Tech

Vladimir Putin criticized by residents and even Russian Internet users

journalist Jarosław Trofimow, a correspondent of the American newspaper “Wall Street Journal”, pointed out that not everything went according to the Kremlin plan.
One of the inhabitants of Mariupol told Putin: – I am 70 years old, just like you and I stayed with nothing.

Also in social media, the inhabitants of the Ukrainian city expressed their dissatisfaction.
“It is a pity that [Putin – editor’s note] did not come to our house in a left -bank district. Without windows, without doors, without hot water and heating. He would then talk to ‘local inhabitants’ – wrote one of the Internet users.

“Nobody will show him pits after the foundations of demolished houses” – pointed out another resident of Mariupol.
Another resident wrote: “We are not needed to anyone. All this is done only to show nice pictures on television. That people in Russia are looking at it.”
In turn, Russian Internet users wrote that the theses of detective stories are confirmed that “the criminal sooner or later appears at the crime scene.”

Vladimir Putin pushed around the Crimea, in Mariupol he looked at the apartments

Meanwhile, Russian independent media point out that there is not even certainty that Vladimir Putin was indeed in Mariupol.
This is to be indicated by the fact that photos are published only by pro -regional propaganda media.

Vladimir Putin in Mariupol.
Ukraine comments: Under the cover of night, as befits a thief

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the issued statement states that the unexpected visit of President Vladimir Putin in the port city of Mariupol, which last year was under Russian control, took place at night “as befits a thief’s visit”.

As befits a thief, Putin visited Ukrainian Mariupol under the cover of night.
First of all, it is safer.
In addition, the darkness allowed him to show him what he wanted to show.
From a distance from him, a view of a city completely destroyed by its army and a group of few residents were kept

– we read.

Advisor of the President of Ukraine Mychajło Podolak criticized Putin’s visit to Mariupol, accused him of “cynicism” and “no remorse”.
“The murderer of thousands of Mariupol families came to admire the ruins of the city and graves. Cynism and lack of repentance,” he wrote on Twitter.

More information from Ukraine can be read on the main page of news.infinitum.Tech

On Friday, the International Criminal Court in Hague ordered the arrest of Vladimir Putin, who suspects of committing a war crime, consisting in the deportation of Ukrainian children deep into Russia.
However, Ukraine accuses the President of Russia, among others
about the initiation of war, murder of civilians, destruction of civil infrastructure, rape, torture, prison of Ukrainians and the destruction of Ukrainian children.

The Kremlin reacts to the arrest order of Putin: outrageous and unacceptable

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