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Putin talked about “Friends in Germany”. “I’ll do a digression” – and he told about cockroaches


Vladimir Putin spoke on Thursday (March 16) at the Congress of the Russian Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
As the Reuters agency writes, the leader met with Russian billionaires, appealing to them to submit patriotism over profit.
-A responsible entrepreneur is a real citizen of Russia, his country, a citizen who understands and acts in her interest.
He does not hide assets abroad, but registers companies here in our country and does not become addicted to foreign authorities – said the leader.


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Why did Orlen not give up the import of oil from Russia?

Vladimir Putin about German friendships and cockroaches.
“We always kidding ourselves”

Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that in Germany he has many friends “.
-And all these friendships, by the way, survived.
My real German friends stayed with me.
We always laugh at each other and kidnap -quotes the pro -region of the TASS inkremlian agency.
– I’ll do a digression now.
We call cockroaches “Prussia”.
That’s what large, red (individuals) are called.
And in Germany they are called “Russen”, or “Russians” – he laughed.

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Russia has a great hole in the budget.
Cause – oil.
Another country is gaining on this

Putin during the Congress: An attempt to destroy the Russian economy failed

Putin also stated that the attempt to destroy the Russian economy failed.
-I perfectly understand the threats that take place and what they mean unknown to us, saying that Russia will have problems in a medium -term perspective.
Yes, this is a threat we must remember – he admitted.
According to Ruekonomics.ru, Putin even recalled even the words of Marek Twain in the context of the Russian economy: “Rumors about my death are very exaggerated.”

“unexpectedly (Russian – ed.) The economy turned out to be resistant to last year’s sanctions, but a return to the level of prosperity from the conflict may be distant, because more government expenditure is directed to the army” – writes Reuters and adds
that many factories have been switched to a 24 -hour work mode to produce weapons, ammunition and equipment.

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