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Putin’s adviser reveals the details of the visit of XI Jinping in Moscow. “They will sign important documents”


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Łukasiewicz: Russians can exhaust their initiative

Next week, XI Jinping will visit Moscow.
It will be the first visit of the Chinese leader in Russia in four years.
China still officially remain neutral in the face of the war in Ukraine, but close contacts with the Russian regime are read as a word of support for Vladimir Putin.


the first clear success of the Russians at Awdijiwka.
Situation on the front

War in Ukraine the subject of conversations

In the Russian capital, XI Jinping is to talk to Vladimir Putin, among others
on the war in Ukraine.
– We very much appreciate the restrained, balanced position of the Chinese authorities in this matter – said the adviser of the Russian dictator Jurij Ruszakov, adding that the Kremlin is “aware of the existence of the Chinese set of settlement”.

In turn, the Kremlin spokesman said that Moscow “appreciates the understanding by Beijing the real causes of the crisis in Ukraine.”
It is worth emphasizing that attempts to transfer guilt to Ukraine for war are part of Russian propaganda – only Russia is responsible.

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XI Jinping and Vladimir Putin will sign joint statements

Jurij Reszakow also reported that XI Jinping and Vladimir Putin will sign common documents.
– Leaders will sign two important documents.
The first is a joint statement of the Russian Federation and China regarding the deepening of the relations of versatile partnership and strategic interaction entering the new era – he emphasized, adding that a statement on the plan for the development plan of key areas of Russian -Chinese economic cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation will also be signed until 2030,

– Work is still underway on many documents regarding completely different areas of cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation.
These are over ten documents, they are to be readiness to varying degrees and will be signed – as you say – in the margins of the visit – he noted.

– despite the Pandemia and sanctions from the West, the implementation of most Russian -Chinese programs and projects continues, primarily in the energy sector – the volume of supplies of Russian hydrocarbons to China has increased significantly – said the adviser of the Russian dictator.

The International Criminal Court wants to arrest Vladimir Putin.
There is an order

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