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Rat scourge in Wrocław. There are three rodents for each inhabitant. They even come out of the toilet

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Mrs. Renata Skrzypek lives on the ground floor in a tenement house at ul.
On Wednesday, March 15, she found a dead rat in the toilet.
But this was not her first such meeting with these rodents.


The rat cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation-documents-were-signed/' target='_blank'>for the first time scared less 3-4 months ago.
I saw his tail in the toilet bowl

– told TVN woman.

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9-year-old daughter Mrs. Renata is afraid to use the toilet since then.
The rats also rolled over the ceiling and walk over the girl’s head.
A similar problem has a neighbor from the ground floor.
Rats move higher, entering the pipes.
The teethers also hide cars where they bite the cables.

Rat scourge in Wrocław has been going on for years

The problems of Wrocław with rats have been talked about for a long time.
Wyborcza.pl already in 2017 she wrote about the plague in the yard near Solny Square.
Despite regular deratization, the city did not cope with rodents, which have perfect conditions in the city center.
Thanks to the remains, food from restaurants that go to nearby dumps, rats do not have to worry about food.

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Recently, the number of reports on rats has become clearly increased.
– There are actually more reports lately, so apparently the rat population has also increased – Grzegorz Rajter from the City Hall said Gazeta Wrocławska.

TVN24 calculates that a few years ago it was estimated that one resident of Wrocław was one rat.
Today they are three rats for each person.

“Rats begin to enter the apartments” at the estate in Poznań.

New way of fighting rats

Mrs. Renata rents communal apartments and is unable to force the town hall.
The letter she sent to the president of the city Jacek Sutryk remained unanswered.
And as a woman says, she cannot afford deratization, which is associated with “the ceiling, removal of droppings, rat nests and corpses, disinfection of ceilings and complementing them again.”

Grzegorz Rajter from office informs that rats can be reported to the Environmental Department at the municipality or directly to the city guard.
However, he teaches that the issue of deratization is the responsibility of building managers.

residents of Lublin are fighting rats.
“They attack people, jump on children”

The City Hall is aware of the problem.
To solve it more effectively, officials established cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation with scientists from the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław.
– We heard that rats like to look for food and they seem unattractive for them on the trays – says Rajter.
Therefore, poisons spread out in this way may be ineffective.
Rats can avoid them because they don’t have to get them.

We are learning to fight rats all the time.
This deratization will last for 10 months

– says Rajter.

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