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Russia reached for “secret weapon”. Special units emit female moaning from the speakers


According to the report, the Russians, and more specifically the “psychological struggle unit” exert “psychological pressure” on opponents.
Their main goal is to encourage “members controlled by Kiev armed formations” to lay up weapons.
To this end, “instead of fire [we transmit ed.] A disturbing sounds that are to sleep up the enemy. Their range is four kilometers” – quotes one of the heroes of the propaganda film Belsat.eu.


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“weapon” of the individual is “word”, which is why
Among the “tactical psychological pressure”, which is to affect Ukrainian soldiers, female moans played from the speakers.
According to Russian soldiers, they mean that “Ukrainian military and mercenaries give up massively”, and this means that the means of psychological war achieve their goal.

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One of the fighters with the nickname “Kalinka” adds that the individual also works at night so that the enemy cannot rest.
He adds that “psychological interaction is done through sounds that exert pressure on the psyche. Different types of sounds are used – from crying children to women’s moaning. It really affects the psyche” – convince propagandists.

polyglots and psychopaths in one

According to propaganda material, a psychological unit operating on the front belongs to the Eastern Military District and is commonly called “psychopaths”.

see video

What’s more, the creators of the report argue that the soldiers of the “psychological struggle” are polyglots.
Russian NTV television justifies such a statement that calls to surrender, addressed to Ukrainian military can be heard not only in Russian and Ukrainian, but also in English and Polish.

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