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Russian cucumbers in Polish bazaars despite sanctions. Foreign media also drew attention. “What is it about?”


The European Union will talk to third countries to curb the bypassing sanctions against Russia, in turn, Poland is pressing work on new restrictions.
The community has so far adopted 10 sanction packages and for now there is no serious work on the next ones.
This, in turn, is – according to conversations of the Brussels correspondent of Polish Radio Beata Płomecka – she irritates Poland.


Sanctions, however, do not prohibit the sale of fruit and vegetables from Russia.
“Super Express” described the situation of bazaars in one of the Masovian villages.
“After entering one of the halls in the agri-food wholesale market in Broniszach, imported Russian cucumbers appeared in our eyes!”
– Tabloid journalists write.
The case did not escape the attention of foreign media.
“Due to the war in Ukraine, there are numerous EU sanctions. Cheap Russian vegetables have appeared on Polish markets. What is all this about?”
– asks “Berliner Zeitung”.

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Polish cucumbers in Polish stores.
“We should be consistent”

As we read, although many entrepreneurs withdrew from interests in Russia, there are those who still trade vegetables from Russia and Belarus.
One of the traders in the Warsaw market stressed in an interview with a tabloid that the goods from Russia “has all the required documents, tests and certificates”.
– It is allowed to trading by all state institutions: sanitary, phytosanitary, commercial quality and customs office.
He has research on pesticide, heavy metals, chlorans and nadchlorans, as opposed to Polish goods and other EU countries, whose health obligation in terms of health does not apply – explains Robert Nerlo and adds: – The customer has the right to choose.
It can buy road goods – uncomfortable or cheaper, healthier and qualitatively better from Russia.

former Minister of Agriculture Jan Ardanowski from PiS stated in an interview with “SE” that we should be consistent in the matter of sanctions for Russia “.
– In addition to the fact that we cut ourselves from Russian hydrocarbons, we have to cut ourselves off with all products from Russia – he said.

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EU will talk to third countries regarding the bypassing sanctions against Russia

Brussels announces closer monitoring of many technologies that can be used by Russia for military purposes.
Recently, their exports to Russia, as a result of sanctions, fell, but increased to Turkey or Kazakhstan, and from these countries to Russia.
Polish diplomats in Brussels say that the fight against bypassing is of course important, but this should not obscure work on subsequent restrictions to “screw the screw” even more and limit the possibilities of financing the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine.
And now in Brussels you can more and more often hear that the Union should focus primarily on removing gaps in sanctions.
– What has the matter of observing the law from its state.
It seems that it is looking for reasons not to tighten sanctions – say interlocutors of the Brussels correspondent of Polish Radio Beata Płomecka.

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