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Rzeszów. At the sight of the police, he jumped into the river and disappeared. “Maybe he was convinced that the water was shallow”


From Tuesday, March 14, the search for a young man who jumped into the Wisłok River is underway.
So far it is not known what happened to him – whether he managed to get out of the water elsewhere or drowned.
As “Wyborcza” wrote on Saturday, March 18, the search is still ongoing.


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Police chase after a drunk driver

At the sight of the police he jumped into the water.
From now on, it is not known what happened to him

Portal Nowiny24.pl talked to a witness to the incident.
As we read, a young man sat on a bench near a group of young people when he was accosted by a police patrol.
When the officers called something to him, the boy began to run away.
He jumped downhill on the road for bicycles.
The policemen ran out behind him and he jumped into the river – recalled the witness of the incident in an interview with the portal.
Rzeszow24.info reports that, according to unofficial sources, the boy is 17 years old.
However, his identity is unknown.

spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów, prosecutor Krzysztof Ciechanowski, said “Wyborcza” that the boy was alone, and at the view of the police he began to head towards the Vocational Training Center.
When one of the policemen decided to identify him and got out of the police car, the young man began to run through Wisłok.
“Maybe he was convinced that there was a shallow water and he would run to the other side,” he said.
On this day, however, the water level was high and the current was strong.

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At the sight of the police he jumped into the river.
The prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation

According to the witness, with whom the Nowiny24.pl portal talked, the water reached to the man to his neck.
“He said something to policemen, but I didn’t hear what,” he added.
According to a passerby report, two policemen tried to enter the water behind the man, and also throw him a metal chain.
– From my perspective, it was not visible that he would show a desire to catch this chain – said the witness.

District Prosecutor’s Office for the City of Rzeszów initiated an investigation towards art.
151 of the Penal Code: “Whoever or by providing assistance leads a man to swim on his own life, is subject to the penalty of imprisonment from three months to five years”.
Recordings from cameras posted on policemen uniforms were secured, as well as from a city camera in the Mercury Market region.

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