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Survey. A spectacular leap of support for the confederation. Poland 2050 near the electoral threshold


from the Ibris survey commissioned by Onet on March 13-14, it follows that the united right with the result of 34.2 percent was once again at the highest place of the podium.
This means an increase of 1.3 percentage points.
Compared to the last study for the portal from December last year


The second place is the Civic Coalition – 26.7 percent.
votes (from December an increase by only 0.3 percentage points).
The left with 9.2 percent was on the last step of the podium.
Three months earlier she enjoyed almost the same support (by 0.2 percentage points more).

The biggest leap of support was recorded by a confederation, which would get to the Sejm, receiving 8.7 percent.
all votes.
This is an increase of 3.2 percentage points
Compared to the study of December last year

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Grzegorz Braun in the Sejm: God bless you and save yourself who can, when the united righteousness

Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia with the support of 7.1 percent
respondents are fourth (a decrease by 2.1 percentage points).
PSL -Kalicja Polska closes the rate with support – 6.8 percent
This is a small change, by 0.6 percentage points
more than in the Ibris study three months ago.

More and more Poles are determined who they would vote for.
In December, the decision could not make 10.4 percent, now it is 7.3 percent.

The poll also includes the possibility of joint start Poland 2050 and PSL.
In this case, support for the United Right, Confederation and Left remains unchanged.
However, the result of the Civic Coalition (by 2.2 percentage points to 24.5 percent) decreases significantly.

The best confederation result so far.
Dudek: Signal that the two main formations are starting to bother Poles

The high result grouping of Krzysztof Bosak and Slawomir Mentzen also won the Pollster Institute for “Super Express” at the poll.
Almost 10 percent would vote for the party.
respondents, which means that it is on the heels of Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia (11 % result).
This is – so far – the highest support of the confederation in electoral preference research in Poland.

In the opinion of prof.
Antoni Dudek is not enough to talk about the trend, but maybe “this is the first signal that the two main formations are starting to bother Poles and some voters are starting to look for an alternative to PiS and the opposition camp, headed by the platform.”

A surprising result of the confederation.
“Voters are looking for an alternative”

– For them, the only escape is the confederation.
The second element is personal changes in the confederation.
– Krzysztof Bosak and Sławomir Mentzen became the face of two party wings of the confederation.
They marginalized those people who were the most radical and troublesome for their party, i.e. Janusz Korwin -Mikke and Grzegorz Braun – said the expert.

Kim Jong Unowi grew a big problem.
“Gigantic blow to your own society”

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