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Szczecin. New information on a 9-year-old kidnapping attempt. Unofficially: the kidnapper tried to take her away


“Fakt” talked to Mrs. Dorota, a mother of a nine -year -old friend who fell victim to a kidnapping attempt in Szczecin.
The woman described the details of the incident, presenting how the kidnapper works.


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investigators prevented the abduction of a woman.
The drug gang wanted to kidnap her for the ransom

kidnapping nine -year -old in Szczecin.
New information on the circumstances of the incident

The report of Mrs. Dorota shows that just before abduction the girl was shopping in a nearby store.
When she returned home, she passed the square where several vehicles stood.
There was a kidnapping.
The perpetrator was to pretend that he was repairing his car, and then, when a nine -year -old was passing by, pull her into the car by force, cover it with a blanket and take her away.
When the kidnapper stopped the vehicle around Zagórskiego and Ogrodnicza streets, the girl managed to escape and call her parents.

The tragic final of the search for a seven -year -old girl.
She was kidnapped by a courier

Mrs. Dorota said in an interview with “Fakt” that this event caused fear among the local community.
– Earlier, the daughter went to her friends, here nearby.
Now I take her everywhere.
Other mothers do the same.
The one who did this should be severely punished.
It can’t be that someone kidnaps a child from the street – said the woman.

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The newborn got stuck in the hospital.
“In foster care there is a lack of places for the youngest”

The man who abducted a nine -year -old was detained and heard the allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations

The attempt to kidnap took place on March 14.
A day later, information about the event was published on the Facebook profile of the Bukowo housing estate council.

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On March 17 a press conference was organized, during which the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin announced that the perpetrator was detained.
He heard the allegation of abduction of a minor.
The man confessed to the alleged act and gave explanations.
More details about the event have not yet disclosed.

detained man is punishable by three months to five years imprisonment.

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