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The PiS MP asked one question and caused an avalanche of comments. “Did you think about it for a long time, master?”


PiS politicians went into Poland to meet the inhabitants and show the government’s achievements to date.
At the same time, they argue that if Law and Justice wins the upcoming parliamentary elections, it will be even better in Poland.
It is not without verbal attacks on competitive political parties.
PiS also conducts a kind of campaign on the web – among others on Tiktoku.


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fogiel justifies the lack of EU funds: You can’t be offended by reality

Radosław Fogiel asks for which Poles hate PiS.
He got thousands of answers.
“Inflation, credit installments”

PiS MP Radosław Fogiel in a short video published on Saturday, decided to ask Internet users a specific question.
– What do you really hate PiS?
– he asked.

Do you even know anything about law and justice?
Your hatred was shaped by the texts of Cypis and Mat.
You don’t know anything about our programs, about our politics, about what we’ve been able to do during these eight years.
I will gladly listen, specifics, in the comments.
What do you really hate PiS for?

– he asked again.

It can be said that Radosław Fogiel has reached his own – from the moment of publication over 5,100 comments have appeared under the recording.
Internet users agree – they mentioned primarily high inflation, growing loan installments, clearly developed social assistance and financing of public media.

“villa plus”.
Fogiel with subsidies: We give a chance to be created something new

“politicized courts and TK, making TVP a propaganda machine, a fatal approach to education” – we read, and this is still not the end.
Others mention the lack of demarcation of the Church from the state, the reform of Minister Czarnek.
“Punishment of resourceful and working, rewarding the unemployed and lazy. The greatest path for years, laws that hit freedom” – writes another Internet user.

Poles exchange, for which they hate PiS

In another comment we read: “For lack of responsibility for your rule and blaming everything on bad Tusk, Putin and the EU.”
Another internet user calculates: “For the laws on abortion, for a bad tax system for small businesses, for too high prices of fines.”
“For PLN 70 million and elections that did not take place” – writes another.

fogiel about the nomination of Kurski: PiS had nothing to do with this decision

One of the users of Tiktok indicates that “PiS is trying to be youth”.
In fact – PiS MP Radosław Fogiel instead of a suit put on a T -shirt, he was wearing an unbuttoned shirt, and the beginning of the video shows a fragment of the “Mat” concert.
A person conducting the Law and Justice profile at Tiktoku replied: “PiS does not try [to be youth – editor’s note]. PiS is!”

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Another thousands of comments flooded Twitter and Facebook.
“Tygodnik Nie” posted his entry in this topic.
“There is a charm in this that PiS is trying to convince young people on Tiktok that he introduced the 13th and 14th retirement” – we read.

“You thought about it for a long time, master? I understand that now you are sitting and reading the comments you have been about to, and finally you know what” – commented MP of the new left Anna Maria Żukowska.

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