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The Pole informed about the decision of the International Criminal Court on Putin. Who is Piotr Hofmański?


The International Criminal Tribunal in Hague issued an arrest warrant of Vladimir Putin in connection with war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.
The Court also issued an order to arrest Maria Lviv-Bielowa, a Russian secretary for children.


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Piotr Hofmański informed about the MTK decision.
The Polish judge has been at the head of the Tribunal for two years.
– Today, on March 17, 2023, the International Criminal Court directed two arrest orders in connection with the situation in Ukraine – said Hofmański.
The president of the Hague Tribunal explained that it was about war crimes involving the deportations of civilians.
– It is prohibited by international law that the occupation forces transport civilians from areas where they live to other lands.
Children are under special protection of the Geneva Convention – said the president of MTK.
Hofmański at the conference emphasized that the implementation of arrest warrant “depends on international cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation”.

Who is Piotr Hofmański?

Piotr Hofmański as president of the MTK was elected in March 2021 at a plenary meeting.
His term lasts three years.
– I am very honored to the fact that I can act as a new president of the MTK with two vice -chairmen.
I am particularly glad that I do this as the first president of the MTK from the group of Eastern European countries.
The Tribunal is currently facing many challenges, and the best way to meet these challenges is to focus on doing everything in our power to do justice – said Judge Hofmański after choosing.

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“one of the greatest successes in the Polish legal world” – this is how the Pole’s taking up the position was commented by the then civil rights Ombudsman Adam Bodnar.

The International Criminal Court wants to arrest Vladimir Putin.
There is an order

Piotr Hofmański is a professor of law, he was a lecturer at the Jagiellonian University, and in 1996-2015 he was the judge of the Supreme Court of the Criminal Chamber.
He also served as the spokesperson of the Supreme Court.
He is the author and co -author of about 300 scientific publications, including a comprehensive commentary to the Code of Criminal Procedure.
In 2014, he was elected a judge of the International Criminal Court in The Hague for the 2015-2024 term, thus he became the first Pole in the history of this institution, operating since 2002.

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The International Criminal Court issued a arrest order to Putin

On Friday, the President of Russia was accused of participating in the deportation of children from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.
It was considered that Vladimir Putin was responsible for the procedure directly or indirectly, due to being a superior of persons conducting deportations.
That is why the International Criminal Court also issued an arrest of Maria Lviv-Bielowa, Kremlin secretary for children’s rights.

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