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The Polish woman drove against the tide and later stole the police car. German policemen “jaws dropped”


on the Munich A9 motorway belt towards Berlin, near the Schkeuditzer Kreuz junction, on Wednesday (March 15) at approx.
3 The car drove against the tide, introducing chaos on the road.
The police were notified by truck drivers.
Several patrols started.


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motorcycle riding on one circle ended with a painful coup

“Jaws fell down”

Drogówka stopped the car in front of Vedemar (northern Saxony).
He stood in the side belt contrary to the direction of movement.
It turned out that a 29-year-old Polish woman sat behind the wheel.
The police took her to the police car and then went to secure the woman’s car.

Ta, taking advantage of the fact that she is alone, she left with flashing “roosters” towards Berlin.
“Jaw jaws dropped,” write German media.
The woman again fell into the hands of officers on national road No. 2, between Zwchauu and Lissa.

The Polish woman regained the keys and driving license

The woman was taken to the police station, where she was tested for the presence of alcohol and drugs.
They came out negative.
– Despite this, her blood was taken for further research – said Tag24 spokeswoman for the police.

The prosecutor’s office initiated “an investigation into the use of a privileged vehicle and suspicion of traffic threat”.
The Polish woman has recovered the car keys.

Yes, she was going against the tide.
Yes, she got into the police car and drove away.
But this is not enough to confiscate her driving license

-commented the policewoman.

Interestingly, the 29-year-old on the same day had already attracted the attention of the road.
Policemen at
1.40 registered that she was driving near Kapellenberg at a speed of 140 km/h at a limitation of up to 80 km/h.
After the uniform inspection, they allowed the Polish to continue their journey.

He attached a student.
The case went to the police

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