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The Porsche driver rammed the stop in Łódź. “Five days ku ** and I had this car.” New recording

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A serious accident occurred on Wednesday, March 15 morning at the intersection of Sporna and Bracka streets in Łódź.
At that time, a Porsche car collided and Skoda.
Then the first of these cars entered the shelter of the bus stop, located several meters away.
As a result of this event, the stop was completely destroyed.


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fatal traffic accidents have had the same cause for years

Porsche entered the bus stop.
A new recording has appeared in the media

A recording appeared in social media, on which you can see the scene of the accident, destroyed Porsche and the shelter of the stop.
A man who probably sat behind the wheel of a luxury car speaks on the video that appeared on the nickname “Axiomaticwhite”.
– Five days ku ** and I had this car – you can hear on the recording, which is located at this link.

The problem of wild boars in Łódź is growing.
They walk around the playgrounds like stray dogs

Two people were injured in the incident: 38-year-old Porsche driver and 34 car passenger.
The victims were hospitalized.
At the time of the incident, there was no person at the bus stop.

Policemen from Łódź still determine the causes of the accident and who led to it.
Initially, according to “Fakt”, a 28-year-old woman was pointed out who managed Skoda.
It was not to give way to the intersection.
The police also investigate information as if the Porsche driver was to drive a car at excessive speed.

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According to preliminary traffic safety data, 21,324 road accidents were recorded in 2022.
This is 1,492 events less than in 2021 and 2 216 accidents less than in 2020. Although the number has been decreasing in recent years, it does not change the fact that last year 1,883 people were killed.

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