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The President of Israel warns against the civil war. “The abyss is at your fingertips”


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brutal riots on the streets of Tbilisi.
The reason for the Act on “foreign agents”

Protests in Israel are a reaction to the reforms of the judiciary proposed by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu.
They are perceived as an attempt to strengthen legislative and executive power, and weakening this judicial.


The proposals presented at the beginning of the year assume, among others
Increasing the inspection of the Israeli government over the process of choosing judges and the possibility of repealing the Supreme Court’s decisions by a majority of votes in parliament (i.e. 61 votes in Kneset).

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huge fire of the FSB building in Russia.
You could hear explosions

“the abyss is at your fingertips”

Citizens of Israel went out into the streets to show their opposition – sometimes there are clashes with the police.
– Those who think that a real civil war with fatalities is a line that we will not cross, have no idea what they are talking about.
Exactly now, after 75 years of Israel’s existence, the abyss is at your fingertips -warned the president of the country Isaac Herzog.

As he noted, the last weeks harmed Israel, his economy, politics and consistency.
– The last weeks are tearing us out.
Family Sabbath meals became a battlefield, friends and neighbors became rivals.
The conflicts deepen.
Worries, fears, anxieties – all this is more tangible than ever – emphasized the president.

Herzog also said that, although from the minorities, he heard “a real, deep hatred”.
– I heard from people from all sides that – God forbid – think about blood on the streets no longer shock them – he said.

he added, however, that he “believes with all his heart”, that he would be able to reach an agreement and build “a” wise, balance, constitutional system “rule – we are at a crossroads: a historical crisis or a decisive constitutional moment – he said
, emphasizing that most Israeli citizens want “justice and peace”.
– My plan is a compromise solution, which is aimed at none of the parties to announce victory, because if one of the parties wins, the state of Israel loses – noted Isaac Herzog.

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