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The Russian confessed to the murder of a Ukrainian civilian. The court sentenced him to “spreading disinformation”


Andrijwka (village near Kiev) is one of the symbols of crimes committed on civilians by the Russian army.
Ukrainian services so far find the bodies of victims.
Investigative journalists of the independent Russian website important is Istoria [Polish
Important stories] In August 2022, they determined the names of over 20 people suspected of murder.


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War in Ukraine.
Danił Frolkin came up because he posed with weapons

Danił Frolkin was a soldier of the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade, stationed in the Chabarian country.
The man was on the lists of criminals published by the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office.
He was tracked thanks to photos on the phone.
He posed with weapons and against the background of war spoils.
In August 2022, Danił Frolkin in an interview with journalists of important Istoria admitted that he shot a 47-year-old resident of the village of Andrijka Ruslan Jaremczuk.
He also added that Russian soldiers during the occupation of the Kiev District “stole to power”, while the commanders gave “illegal orders”.

On April 18, 2022, Vladimir Putin gave the 64th brigade of motorized scorers an honorary title, praising “heroism, bravery, perseverance and courage” its members.

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Soldier sentenced in Russia for almost six years.
In Ukraine, he is imprisonment/' target='_blank'>threatened with imprisonment/' target='_blank'>life imprisonment

In December 2022, investigators initiated criminal proceedings against Danił Frolkin based on the article about “spreading disinformation” about the Russian army, as Radio Swoboda informed.
It was about his statements for important Istoria.
The prosecutor’s office applied for six years in prison.
Ultimately, the court in Chabarovsk on Thursday (March 16) sentenced a man to five and a half years suspended.
It is also forbidden to perform functions in state organs for two years.
In Ukraine, Frolkin is accused of violating war rights and customs, and for killing a civilian he is imprisonment/' target='_blank'>threatened with imprisonment/' target='_blank'>life imprisonment.

Danił Frolkin is the first “known” soldier convicted by Russia.
The verdict is widely perceived as a way to silence his colleagues from the unit – commented “The Guardian”.

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