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The Russians are wearing in Cherson. “And let them go to the ch *** with this mire and help”

Mar 19, 2023 , ,

In November last year, Cherson was officially liberated from the Russian occupation.
Now the occupier is taking revenge for this victory.
The Russians regularly and with particular intensity carry out the fire of the circuit.
They also use mortars and tanks located on the left side of the Dnieper.
The target of the fire is villages, residential districts.
According to local authorities, the Russians deliberately direct their chaotic fire to civil facilities.
In this way, they want to intimidate and terrorize the local people.
Journalists of Wirtualna Polska went to the city.


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President Zelanski visited the liberated Cherson

The Russians bomb Cherso.
“If it hits the block, it will hit. You can’t help”

“Khersoń is a front city. They float clumps of smoke after another night attack. Flame and anti -aircraft alarms are everyday life. At every step you can see traces of ongoing fighting. Destroyed houses, without roofs, are covered with canvas
Or a thick foil that is constantly picked up with gusts of wind blowing from the Dnieper ” – reports the portal.

All kinds of bullets – barrel artillery, mortar grenades, and hail missiles fall on the city.
Although the city has an extensive warning system and many shelters, residents often ignore attacks.
– Where will I go down to the shelter?
The worst are the worst.
And if it hits the block, it will hit.
You can’t help – one of the men tells journalists.

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NATO intends to strengthen the eastern ends?
“This is to stop Russia

War in Ukraine.
“Putin managed to do something for a year that Ukrainian politicians failed for 30 years”

Helping to Leave volunteers offer free evacuation from the city.
The Russians also proposed it, but there were few willing.
– Let them go to ch *** with this mirror and help – comments one of the residents, hearing journalists’ conversation.
Even Russian -speaking Ukrainians, who before the war, “did not always feel closeness with Ukraine, do not believe in the Kremlin’s propaganda,” he writes: “Vladimir Putin managed to do something for a year that Ukrainian politicians failed to achieve for 30 years.”
the whole text: “This is how Putin takes revenge for Kherson. You can read the rain of Russian missiles” on the website of Wirtualna Polska.

Russian cucumbers on Polish bazaars.
“We should be consistent”

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