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The Russians talk about mercenaries from the Wagner group. “Normal people, volunteers, cool guys” [VIDEO]


Wagner Group is a private military company that is associated with Russian intelligence services.
The organization is managed by Evgeny Prigożyn, which is also called the “chef” of Vladimir Putin.
A group of mercenaries created in 2014 offers its services in many places around the world, where the political situation is unstable.
This mainly applies to the Middle East and Africa.
The organization is to be associated with the Kremlin and is to be sent to areas where for legal reasons Russia could not send its troops.

“Wagnerists” were also sent to the front in Ukraine.
They are responsible for murdering civilians, including women and children and other war crimes.


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The Russians were asked about feelings towards mercenaries from the Wagner group.
Their grades are shocking

YouTuber Danil Orian asked about the Wagner group, who runs the 1420 channel. He stopped the inhabitants of Moscow and asked them what they think about mercenaries.
Earlier he informed them that the film would be presented to “viewers from Europe and the United States”.

-I am positive about them.
They defend us, our interests.
Why should we treat them badly?
– said 33-year-old Wiktor, an employee of one of the Russian television stations.
The second interlocutor added that the mercenaries from the Wagner group are “good guys, normal people, volunteers.”
-They are cool guys -emphasized 18 -year -old Sasha and confirmed that he would like to join them.

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Another 20-year-old man admitted that he values “wagnerists”, but he would not like to join their ranks because “he would be afraid to die and values his life.”
The hockey player added that he considers the mercenaries “heroes”.
27-year-old Osman said that mercenaries are “cool guys” because they risk their lives.

Lukashenka was sick, he was not in the bed.
“Putin dragged him to Moscow”

The unemployed resident of Moscow also believes that the mercenaries of this formation “are fine”.
-We must protect our children, our country.
I am positive about them – said 52 -year -old Sona.
– They are great.
They protect our homeland.
They help ours in Donbas, who has been bombarded for eight years – added a 41 -year -old teacher Maria, who duplicated the narrative of propaganda media.

Two interlocutors, 20-year-olds from the IT industry, Mikhail and Matwiej, said they perceive the Wagner group negatively.
“Such private military companies cannot exist,” they said.
Some men refused to answer, emphasizing that Russia is not a country where freedom “reigns”, including
freedom of speech.
– I want to live peacefully, which is why I do not discuss in public about the Wagner group – said 33 -year -old stuff.

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