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The Ukrainian soldier captured the Russian using a drone. “He looked up and began to pray” [VIDEO]


The course of events was described by the junior sergeant Orteg Maljarewicz.
The soldier told the Apostrophi television channel about the action of Ukrainian troops fighting in the vicinity of Bachmut.
During the program, fragments of recordings from the operation in which Maljarewicz took part.


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Łukasiewicz: Russians can exhaust their initiative

the Ukrainian captured a Russian soldier using a drone “understood that he has no choice, because he would die”


According to the relationship presented by a soldier, the Ukrainian army managed to destroy the brigade of Russian infantry.
Orteg Maljarewicz said that at some point only one Russian remained on the front who did not lose his life as a result of actions taken by Ukrainians.

prigożyn claims that his units in Bachmut went 280 meters

As described by a Ukrainian soldier, a member of a broken brigade “had to go on the corpses of his colleagues”, and when the Russian realized in the whole situation, he fell into despair.
Maljarewicz also pointed out that “captivity in Ukraine gives a greater chance of survival than serving in the Russian army”.

Ultimately, the Russian was caught.
A drone helped Ukrainians in capturing the enemy.
– During the infantry destruction operation, the last soldier, realizing that he had no escape, looked up and began to pray to the drone so that he would not be killed.
Then the brigade commander wrote a handwritten note in which he ordered him to surrender and follow the drone.
Such a card was dropped.
The Russian at first showed that he would not go, because he is afraid that he would be killed.
Then a grenade was thrown so that he understood that there was no way out, because he would die anyway.
This convinced him and went towards the road, there he was taken prisoner by the Ukrainian army – reported Orteg Maljarewicz.

Prigożyn again announces withdrawal from Bachmutu

Ukrainian soldier: We managed to succeed, the enemy was pushed off the road

Maljarewicz said that the situation of Ukrainians fighting in Bachmut has recently improved.
– Ukrainian defenders managed to succeed, the enemy was pushed off the road.
He throws everything he has to fight but does not achieve progress – said the soldier.
Orteg Maljarewicz also announced that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense provides the army every day new equipment and drones that are used to drop loads.

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