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The weather on the first days of spring. Temperature up to almost 20 degrees! “Spring will show a beautiful face”


Forecasts for Europe show that in March the temperature around 30 degrees Celsius will appear in the south of Spain.
Warmer air will also go to Poland.
When will it get warmer?


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high dissolution and temperature increase.
“On March 21, spring will show its beautiful face”

As weather fans say, already on Sunday, March 19, temperatures at the majority of Poland will oscillate around 13-15 degrees.
On Monday, March 20, we will have a maximum temperature around 12-13 degrees.
In the afternoon, however, cooler air will flow over our country, which will lower the temperature on Tuesday – but only in the east, where it is to be up to 7 degrees during the day.
In the southwest it will be up to a maximum of 13 degrees.

This situation will not last too long, because on Wednesday and Thursday thermometers will show a maximum of 16-20 degrees in Poland.
And so on Wednesday in Gorlice it will be up to 18 degrees, and 17 degrees are announced in Krakow, Opole or Tarnobrzeg.
On Friday, the warmest will be in Krakow, where 18 degrees are expected.
The heat will stay in including the weekend.

spokesman for the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management Grzegorz Walijewski in an interview with PAP adds that the nights will also be warmer.
The temperature will not drop below 4 degrees, and the closer to the weekend, the night temperature will be around 10 degrees in the west and south of the country.
– This is the perfect start of calendar spring.
I remember the last time there was a situation that spring blooms with its calendar beginning.
On March 21, spring will show its beautiful face-Walijewski assessed.

As IMGW points out, slight rainfall will still appear in Poland.
On Monday, poor rain is forecast in the West Pomeranian, Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian voivodships.
On Wednesday, March 22, when World Water Day falls, greater rainfall will appear in the north of Poland.
Other regions without rainfall.
According to the American forecast AccuWeather, the first days of spring can also bring dangerous weather.
Storms may occur in Germany and Poland.

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Synoptics also announce the return of winter.
On March 28, they forecast frost and snow

There are also forecasts in the media in which the return of winter is announced.
Preliminary meteorological data indicate that the next Tuesday, March 28, the temperature in Poland will drop significantly.
In the north-eastern part of the country it will be up to only 2 degrees Celsius, and frost will appear at night.
Snow may also fall in some regions.

Remember that the long -term forecast is fraught with high uncertainty.
This is due to the risk of sudden meteorological phenomena, as well as the diversity used in the prognostic models of physical and statistical assumptions and mathematical equations.

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