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Ticks have already woke up. State forests warn: Put on high shoes for a walk [video]


As the State Forests informed, ticks also appeared with positive temperatures in Poland.
Due to the threat they carry with them, it is worth for a walk with high shoes and clothing covering the body.


State forests warn against ticks.
The arachnids have already woke up

“promises to be a sunny and warm weekend. Unfortunately, the ticks also sensed it. For a forest walk, be sure to put in high shoes and long pants and after returning, check your skin meticulously, or by chance you don’t have unwanted passengers on it
‘” – we read in the State Forests entry.

Who is most exposed to diseases transmitted by ticks?

both man and animal, may feel the negative effects of a tick bite, but animals are particularly vulnerable due to close contact with grasses in which parasites occur.
In connection with the upcoming spring, our pet should be equipped with a collar against ticks or applying special deterrent preparations.

Parasites find a victim, detecting body warmth, smell and increased concentration of carbon dioxide, which is released at breathing.
During the bite, the tick crosses the skin, thus attaching to the host.
This often takes place imperceptibly, because the ticks during the attack secrete anesthetics.

see video

tick repellent fluid that you will make at home.
Two simple recipes

How to remove a tick?

If this parasite is punctured, it should be removed as soon as possible to reduce the risk of infection.
If redness that does not disappear after a few days, you should see a doctor, as this may be a symptom of migratory erythema characteristic of Lyme disease.

Are they dangerous?
How to protect yourself from them?

The tick is removed with the help of tweezers, grabbing the head as close to the skin as possible.
You have to remember not to press too much.
The tick could then crush and part of it would remain in the skin.
The parasite should be removed perpendicular to the skin, without performing rotational movements in the opposite direction in which the tick’s mouth is in.
Finally, it is worth decorating the place to minimize the risk of tick -borne encephalitis, babesiosis, Lyme disease, erlichiosis or Q fever – informs mp.pl.

Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis.
Patients more than a year ago

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