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Trump will publish a book with letters from “Famous Lizus”. “Each of them kissed me after d*Pie”


In April, “Letters to Trump”, or another book by Donald Trump, will be released.
The former American leader included 150 letters, which he received from well -known personalities at various stages of his career.
These celebrities include
Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, former rival Trump in the presidential election of Hillary Clinton, dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana or presenter Oprah Winfrey, said the British daily “The Guardian”.


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Trump’s supporters invaded the capitol

Donald Trump: Once each of them kissed me after d*pie, today only half

-I think [readers] will see a very fascinating life -said Trump in an interview with the far -right Breitbart News portal.
The former US president, at the same time, stated that he still likes him at most half of the living authors, despite the fact that they used to be his “Lizus”.
– I knew them all – and each of them kissed me after D*Pie, and now only half of them – he said.

Putin and Kadyrov.
One “turns out of pain”, the other “shakes”

A change of attitude that Donald Trump talked about, was to take place when the politician announced his candidacy in the presidential election in 2016 on behalf of the Republican Party.
In the past – from August 2001 to September 2009 – Trump belonged to the Democrat party.

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– It’s amazing how quickly their worship changed for him when he applied for the office as a republican – said the son of the former president, Donald Trump Jr.
– “Letters to Trump” show exactly what attitude they had to him in the past and how false their newly discovered reluctance is – he said.

Trump criticized Biden’s visit to Kiev.
“Pushes the USA in World War III”

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