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Tusk jokes from the “gun behind the belt” and says what Ziobro wanted to show. “There is nothing to laugh about”


– I will not let go of those who did other people hurt.
Poland will not let go of those who stole in such a insolent way that their eyes and teeth hurt as a man looks at it.
Those who hurt a mother whose child committed suicide.
It’s not about vengeance.
The killer of President Adamowicz got the most severe sentence possible.
This is not vindictive, it must be.
If someone hurts another man, kills, leads to a despair of another man, he must suffer the consequences – said Donald Tusk on Friday afternoon.
The head of the Civic Platform met with the inhabitants of Bytom.
During his speech, he emphasized that “the settlement of power from crimes could not mean a constant cold civil war between people.”


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Tusk sharply about Kaczyński: I’m going to me!

Donald Tusk: Do I have a gun behind the belt?

This is not a game of words.
I often repeat this: Law and Justice must be removed from power that Law and Justice will return in Poland.
But not to take revenge on someone, but that people at the bottom believe that the authorities are responsible for something, that if the authorities steal, it changes it through elections, and then she answers against independent judges and prosecutors – he said.

Later, the former prime minister appealed to people who will speak during the meeting to “respect the times of others”.
By the way, he joked from Zbigniew Ziobro.

– these others will also want to speak, and I will want to answer questions, comments or claims reliably.
I don’t rule the microphone.
Do I have a gun behind the belt?
Nobody put me in – said the former prime minister.
The politician referred to the incident that occurred this week at the Bełchatów brown coal mine in Rogowiec.
On Monday, Zbigniew Ziobro appeared there at the conference.
Cameras captured that the prosecutor general had a gun with him.

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“Ziobro has protection, it’s not about its safety”

– once I had such an adventure, long ago, when Jarosław Kaczyński – I don’t know why – he walked with a small pistol, he admitted it himself.
Half jokingly, half seriously once said that to shoot me for him, it was how to spit, but it was in the convention of a joke – said the chairman of the PO.
According to Tusk Ziobro, bringing a weapon to the conference, “wanted to show something, give a clear signal”.

– There is nothing to laugh at.
We have been living in Poland for many years, where the cult of violence is increasingly promoted by people of power in the highest positions.
The cult of violence in a country where there is less and less freedom of speech, because public media are in one hand, and local newspapers are bought by a state monopoly, where a party rules, which constantly produces the impression of a sharp conflict, an attack on someone, throwing anathema of contempt for whole groups
Added to this is the Minister of Justice, who demonstrates that he has a gun behind the belt.
He has protection, it is not about his safety, it is a clear sign: “I am created for violence to become the content of public life,” said Tusk.

ziobro with a pistol at a conference.
Could he or couldn’t?
We ask a lawyer

Later, the former prime minister referred to the death of SLD MP Barbara Blida.
– Probably in the case of the tragedy of Magda Filiks, as it was in the case of a tragedy with Barbara Blida, perhaps we will not find directly responsible for the crime in the sense of the letter of the law.
Barbara Blida died during PiS rule.
In my time an investigation was conducted in this matter.
No one has been proven to the crime, although there was an extremely strong impression that Barbara Blida was a victim of the system and rat – he said.
– I want to say that today the most important problem for us is that Poland is ruled by people who have made a method of governing from the weak – he added.

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