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USA. The 82-year-old died while waiting for the air conditioning repair. Her family demands compensation

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In August 2022, the air conditioner broke at the house of Virginia Desapio.
The company responsible for its maintenance has postponed the repair of the system.
As a result, the old woman exposed to heat died of heat stress.
The family filed a claim against the company against the company, demanding compensation.
According to Dessapio, the letter in August last year in the American state of Nevada thermometers indicated 38 degrees C. Inside the house of the seniors could be up to 48 degrees C.


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The 82-year-old died while waiting for the air conditioning repair

On the decision of the Virginia Desapio family from Nevada, the daily “The Washington Post” announced on March 14, 2023.
At the beginning of March, the nephews of the deceased 82-year-old filed a lawsuit against Fidelity National Home Warranta Co.
The woman’s family accused the company of ignoring reports of a damaged air conditioning system, which caused the woman affected by heat as a result of heat stress.

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The company never came to a broken air conditioner

In August last year, the temperature in the state of Nevada reached around 40 degrees C. At that time, air conditioning broke at the house of Virginia Desapio.
The woman reported this problem to the company responsible for the system, but Fidelity National Home Warranty Co.
It translated the repair date several times.
Ultimately, the technicians announced that they would appear in a woman until August 22.

22 August a woman’s neighbor found her body.
Virginia Desapio died as a result of heat stress.
At home there was also her dead dog, who also lost his life because of the heat.
However, Fidelity National Home Warranta Co. did not know about death, which once again did not come to repair the air conditioning system on the promised date.
First, the estimated date of repair was shifted to August 31, and then, when this date also passed, she guaranteed a repair of up to 15 days.
She argued then that employees were waiting for the necessary tools ordered previously ordered.
On September 5, the e-mail sent by the company to Virginia Desapio announced the completed repair of the air conditioner.
Conservators, however, never appeared on the spot.

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The family demands compensation for application/' target='_blank'>application-itself-is-not-enough/' target='_blank'>the death of an 82-year-old

In their lawsuit, the nephews of the deceased 82-year-old emphasized that the woman paid Fidelity National Home Warranty Co.
$ 635 a year for services related to heating and air conditioning.
The family demands from the company at least 15,000
dollars to cover the costs of the funeral and as compensation for their suffering.
– There are so many people who are exposed to something like that.
These companies must be held responsible, otherwise they will not change anything – said in an interview with “The Washington Post” the lawyer of the family Desapio Christian Morris.

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