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Vladimir Putin came to Crimea, occupied by Russia

Mar 18, 2023 , ,

Vesti.ru service.
He published a film material from Putin’s visit.
The President of Russia in Sevastopol was shown by the head of the city of Mikhail Riverjejew around the art school.
He also saw the children’s center “Korsun” near the Tauryicki Chersonez.


As the press secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Pieskov announced earlier, the head of state should take part in the opening of a culturally important and historically object – says Tass.

Today is the 9th anniversary of the annexation of Crimea.
On March 18, 2014, two days after the illegal referendum, Russia announced the incorporation of the peninsula.

Polish volunteers wounded in fire.
They transported humanitarian aid

8 years have passed since the annexation of Crimea by Russia

Annexation of Crimea and the pro -Russian Rebellion in Donbas in April 2014 was the beginning of Russia’s assault to Ukraine.
Russia began the full -size invasion on February 24, 2022.

Moscow used the local separatists to seize Crimea, whom she supported by sending airborne troops and pro -regional nationalists.
On March 16, 2014, an illegal referendum took place under the barrels of Russian rifles.
On March 17, on the basis of forged results, local separatists announced the independence of the Republic of Crimea, and on March 18 Vladimir Putin signed with the separatists an incorporation treaty on the incorporation of the peninsula to Russia.

a row at a meeting with Tusk in Bytom.
“Shut up”, “Lobuzie you!”

In the following days, two chambers of the Russian parliament adopted appropriate amendments to the constitution of the Russian Federation and on March 21 Vladimir Putin ratified a previously signed treaty on the inclusion of Crimea in Russia.

Over the past 9 years, Russia arranged thousands of soldiers and heavy military equipment in Crimea, including rocket systems capable of carrying nuclear weapons.
At the same time, the persecution of annexation opponents, mainly Crimean Tatars, is underway on a massive scale.

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